Friday, September 29, 2023

Republicans hate America 3 (And they can't Govern): Shut it down and hurt people

"I voted for him [Trump], and he’s the one who’s doing this,” Crystal Mintnotof Marianna, Florida told FTFNYT Reporter Patricia Mazzei. “I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”

Back during the last Republican Government Shutdown, the Corporate Media was very interested in What Trump Voters Think, and what they thought then as well as now, is the Republican Party needs to be hurting those people.  Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately besides viscerally hating America,  Republicans also can not govern in any way, sense, or form.

Perhaps this should be obvious, that a Political party, the GQP, wedded to domestic terrorism, which proffers lies and conspiracies, and wishes to destroy the Nation, would also lack the will, skill, ability, or desire to keep a Nation going.

But, that's Republicans for you; a fully-fascist, fundamentally unserious, collection of thieves, scoundrels, bigots, villains and traitors.

Essentially,  Republicans seek to make your quality of life worse in every... single... conceivable... way.  Whether this means undermining your Union, stealing social security, inculcating bigotry against you, passing laws to deny you your bodily autonomy, helping to flood the nation with firearms, or actively empowering insurrectionists and mass shooters, Republicans will do whatever they can to harm you and your loved ones.

So, in classic maneuver to fuck over the American People another Republican shutdown is here.  And predictably, the Republican Squeaker has proposed a budget which guts the already meager Social Safety net while also advancing every hare-brained and vile Republican bigotry knowing a Democratic President will Veto it, if it somehow passes through the slender Democratic Senate control.  At which point Squeaker of the House Qevin McCarthy will go on tv and declare Democrats have shut down the government hur-dur-dur expecting, with good reason, the stenographers of the Corporate Media to dutifully report Both Sides are to Blame and ask Why doesn't President Biden use his vast experience and the bully pulpit to get things done like Ronnie Raygun did with Tip O'Neil?

Besides leading to a lot of damage at National Parks, this shutdown will hurt Unionized Federal employees, cause markets to scramble, keep the military from being paid, fuck with the US economy, crush the poor, devastate working people, and damage your financial situation and quality of life.

It must always be noted:  This pleases the Republican Party.

Republicans hate you and want you to suffer.  Republicans don't want you to have the American Dream; that's reserved for Supreme Court Justices taking lavish gifts, trips, private jet travel, fancy dinners, expensive wines, and every other way of saying BRIBES without saying BRIBES. 

The Republican Party vision for 99% of America is continual toil from childhood to your death at 65.  They don't want you to be able to retire, they don't want you to live a fulfilling life, the Republican Party is against life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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