Saturday, September 2, 2023

Republican Acts of Terror 3: Bomb Throwing Ryan Walters Oklahoma Edition

Besides empowering "lone wolves" to conduct rightwing domestic terrorist acts throughout the Nation, multiple elected Republicans are state-sponsored terrorist regimes.

Removing One Letter at a Time
In Oklahoma, a 38 year old conservative chump named Ryan Walters has done everything in his power to destroy public education in the state.  That he is the elected Superintendent of Schools for the entire state is just the icing on the shit cake.  At a minimum, you would think a conservative would actually try and shelter the kids under his care from the cultural wars, but then you recall that Republicans don't actually believe their bluster about protecting the children, but in fact only shout groomer and regurgitate lies in order to "Bash the Left" and gain power.

Ryan Walters is the culmination of 50 years of non-stop Republican lying and conservative agitprop.  At this point, Republicans no longer see despicable propagandists as useful idiots in winning elections the idiots are the Republican Party.

Walters spouts Faux News talking points like a rightwing brain-washed grandpa while also repeating well-worn Republican anti-education tropes.  For instance, claiming the 1921 Tulsa race massacre wasn't racist.  But, as a new era Republican, Ryan Walters also believes in sharing disingenuous agitprop from the Terrorist Chaya Raichik (Libs of TikTok).

Bomb threats against public schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma, continued to pour in on Tuesday as right-wing indignation over a satirical TikTok video posted earlier this month by a local educator enters its second week. 
Large numbers of students have reportedly stayed home in the wake of the threats, which set the city of just over 400,000 on edge. 
At the same time, the state’s 38-year-old Superintendent of Public Instruction—who helped stoke outrage over the supposed intentions of a “woke” school librarian—now stands accused of ignoring ongoing child abuse allegedly taking place right under his nose. 
“While Ryan Walters is fighting culture war issues, creating division, and basically creating problems for himself to seemingly try to fix, there’s been actual abuse taking place in schools that he knew about for months [but] did nothing to address,” Oklahoma State Rep. Mickey Dollens, a Democrat, told The Daily Beast. 
Walters, a Republican, was sworn in as Oklahoma’s education superintendent in January 2023. Since taking office, he has likened teachers’ unions to terrorist organizations, claimed Tulsa public schools were being secretly infiltrated by the Chinese government, and cozied up to an entity labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, among other things However, while making a big show of his far-right bona fides, Walters has turned a blind eye to something far more damaging than any TikTok video, according to Dollens.

Ryan Walters absolutely wants teachers and LGBTQ people to be murdered.  But, he'll wash himself in the blood of righteousness by claiming to protect the children.  Which we all know is a lie.  Republicans routinely ignore child abuse because they are the ones doing it, to distract and deflect towards the LGBTQ community because LGBTQ people have very little political power.  Republicans yearn to round-up and summarily execute millions of Americans.  But, that violence is already here as we see Republican controlled States setting up inquisitions to arrest their enemies and the off-handed extrajudicial killings by white rightwing Police Officers against unarmed black people.  Be brave if you can but, definitely be ready because state-sponsored concentration camps and death trains will be the first agenda item of the 2025 Trump Presidency.

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