Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Shall Not Be Infringed 10: Guns Don't Kill people: Overgrown Trees & Deer crossing the street (and Republicans) do

"Does the right to voting say shall not be infringed?" Gun Humping Lunatic Nathan Dahm of Oklahoma 
America's ridiculous infatuation with guns continues to claim lives and in reality, the one in which 50,000+ are year die from Gun Violence and another untold quarter million or more are wounded each and every year, Jon Stewart, inadvertently hit upon the crux of the Gun Control Argument.  Us Gun Grabbers always FORGET the MAGIC WORDS


Republicans, gun humping lunatics, and the Firearms Manufacturing Industry (all the same thing) care more about those 4 Magic Words than they do about anyone's actual life.

Simply, observe how Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm responded to being made to a laughing stock by Jon Stewart on guns and the death toll it extracts amongst Americans and especially children.  His responses afterward show he doesn't give a fuck about the law and believes the Constitution is a static document that contains magic immutable spells and he as A True Believer in the Constitution interprets those spells correctly.

Look at the concerted and immediate pushback to New Mexico Governor Michelle L. Grisham's emergency ban on open and concealed carry in Albuquerque.  Republicans want their psychotic followers armed at all times and gun nuts want guns at all times because they want to murder people.  That is the whole of the Law, everything else, as they say, is commentary.

Therefore, Americans just have to live with the constant threat of dying from gun violence anywhere, anytime, anyway.  So, here's two quintessentially American recent deaths by gun;

Dan Spaeth of Snohomish, Wash., was outside his home with his wife on the evening of Sept. 7, trying to alert passing cars to deer that were crossing the road, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Det. Kendra Conley wrote in an affidavit of probable cause filed in court.

He was shot once by a man driving by, who later told authorities that seeing Spaeth and his wife in the street made him afraid and said he didn’t know whether he had hit someone. He drove away.

Because of Stand Your Ground Laws in Washington and the doctrine of No Duty to Retreat, the 22 year old shooter Dylan Picard probably stands a great chance of getting off on Second Degree Murder charges because of his "Subjective Fear".  Maybe not, because Spaeth is a "good guy". i.e. white male who worked as a corrections officer.

The victim, 42-year-old Brian J. Ford, was trimming tree limbs along the fence line between 1880 and 1890 Alameda Drive when 78-year-old Edward S. Druzolowski confronted him about being on his property. Druzolowski told detectives he threatened to shoot Ford, and when Ford didn’t leave, he shot him.  The Sheriff’s Office received 2 911 calls reporting the incident around 7:13 p.m. The first two deputies on scene attempted life-saving measures until EMS arrived, but Ford was pronounced deceased on scene.

This case is laughably simple.  Libertaryans argue that someone trespassing by touching a single blade of grass on your lawn has abrogated their rights and can be thus be safely killed.  Therefore, by demanding Get off my Lawn in his best Clint Eastwood impression Druzolowski has satisfied the conditions of a warnin' and then a shootin'.  Case Closed.

Just like with healthcare coverage, wherein Republicans simply believe if you're born with a genetic condition, develop an illness or become injured too bad, tough shit... Die.

Or with the non-stop Republican efforts to steal Social Security if you're life savings are swindled by the Republican financial sector or Crypto Bros well too bad, tough shit guess you'll become homeless or Die.

And if you should become homeless?  Well then Republicans get to treat you as less-than-human garbage and just be grateful Republicans don't light you and your tent on fire.

Republicans don't give a fuck if you, your wife, your children or anyone are shot to pieces.  Thoughts & Prayers is code for Tough Shit...
Another openly armed Conservative decided to
visit a Democratic President's Home

And, in fact, the more gun violence the better because then they can demonize Democrats as weak on Crime, all the while Republicans at every level of government weaken Law&Order.

Because, more to the point Republicans plan to do away with the United States of America and replace it with a Fascist Facsimile.  Republicans have cultivated this Murder-Suicide Gun Culture because they expect to use rightwing domestic terrorists to eventually take over the country and the guns will help.  

Republican stochastic gun violence follows a very standard pattern:

Elected Republican: Liberals are traitors and want to take away your way of life.

Republican media: Liberals are traitors and deserve to die.

Conservatives on social media. Liberals are traitors and we should kill them.

Firearms Manufacturing Industry: Liberals want to take your guns, you should buy some more now.

Corporate Media:  [silence]

Motivated "Lone Wolf" Rightwing Terrorist: [Absorbs message, crafts plan, tells friends, kills some liberals]

Corporate Media and Republicans:  This is actually the fault of LGBTQ+ people (or perhaps Teachers) and they want to take away your way of life... (repeat sequence) 

It is incorrect to say that political violence is coming.  As with the crazed rightwinger who absorbed Faux News talking points about Nancy Pelosi, then descended upon her home to duct tape her and beat her to death with a hammer but, instead merely cracked Pelosi's husbands skull open Political Violence is here and Republicans are doing it.  

But, even saying that makes you a target for more political violence from the Right.  As Mitt Romney mentioned on his way out of the Senate, 

“There are deranged people among us,” he told McKay Coppins for a forthcoming biography, an excerpt of which was published in The Atlantic on Wednesday, shortly after Romney announced that he would not seek reelection. “It only takes one really disturbed person.”

Absolute Truth is not a defense against rightwing domestic terrorism.  But, what's coming isn't a repeat of the Civil War of the 1860's, we're too integrated for that, but regions of the country are simply going to declare themselves free of control of Washington DC (when Democrats are in control of the White House or halls of Congress) and so-called purple states will experience the equivalent of the Irish Troubles.

So, make some preparations.  Voting is Necessary but not Sufficient with what's coming.  But, increase your situational awareness now.  Be brave if you can, but be ready.  Because Republican Domestic Terrorism is already here.

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