Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Republicans hate America: The National Parks

The Republican Party is no longer interested in the concept of "America", and instead are wholly invested in obtaining political power and then using that power to harm others, afflict the afflicted, despoil and exploit everything possible.

The upcoming Republican Government shutdown led by a feckless Speaker and pushed by conspiracists, thieves, and bigots will do damage to millions of Americans, undermine thousands of small businesses and sunder the fabric of the Nation.

These things all please the Republican Party.  

Because the endstate, the ultimate goal is a Fascist United States ruled by the twin tyranny of White Power and Fundamentalist christianity.

In the immediate aftermath, though, a lot of damage will be done to the US National Parks.  The last time Republicans shutdown the government, white people went nuts and vandalized the shit out of the Parks.  They will do so again.

Human feces, overflowing garbage, illegal off-roading and other damaging behavior in fragile areas were beginning to overwhelm some of the West’s iconic national parks on Monday, as a partial government shutdown left the areas open to visitors but with little staff on duty. 

“It’s a free-for-all,” Dakota Snider, 24, who lives and works in Yosemite Valley, said by telephone Monday, as Yosemite National Park officials announced closings of some minimally supervised campgrounds and public areas within the park that are overwhelmed. 

“It’s so heartbreaking. There is more trash and human waste and disregard for the rules then I’ve seen in my four years living here,” Snider said.

I've been enjoying the granduer, awe, splendor,  and beauty of Yellowstone and Grand Teton in this after Labor Day, pre-winter window.  The crowds are less, the joy and wonder the same.  

Of course, the other thing I and others bring to Wyoming, is tourist dollars.  So, while Republicans plan to fuck over millions of Americans they hypocritically also conspire to keep their interests from being harmed. 

Wyoming Senator Tom Barrasshole (R- of course) is demanding Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland keep those Parks open (and Tourist $$$ flowin')

"As Secretary of the Interior, it is your responsibility to provide opportunities for people to access our parks in a way that ensures visitor health and safety, as well as providing the same opportunity for future generations,"

By the way, the method Barrasshole is demanding Secretary Haaland use to keep the Parks open (visitor fees from the Federal Land allocation fund) was deemed illegal by the Government Accountability Office in 2018.  So there's that.  But, Shamelessness is a Republican superpower. Republicans hate America, they hate you, and they want nothing less than the End of the American Dream and destruction of the Nation.

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Cancel thuglican candidates and ex prez secret service protection. Shutdown Smithsonian and gov mall protections, wash monument Ellis island Statue of Liberty and any permitting agencies for any petroleum chemial licenseing fossil fuels. Require shutdown of any industry requiring inspection . Redifine crucial activities. Eliminate all fed state aid to Alabama and Florida. Defer any payments of any sort to scotus, staff, maintence, salaries protection. Shut down FCC and Boeing operations for lack of oversight.
Find a red state and cut it off immediately for everything including pending chech except for national parks