Sunday, September 3, 2023

The Twilight of the St. Louis Cardinals and the Missouri War on LGBTQ community

Two Birds, One Bat 
As Your Chicago Cubs, just won 2 out of 3 from the Milwaukee Brewers to close the division leading gap to 3 games, before losing two 1-run games in the bottom of the 9th to those dastardly Cincinnati Reds (Choke Cubs Choke, Hey Chicago waddaya say, the Cubs are gonna Choke today) we can at least take solace the St. Louis Cardinals are currently in Last Place in the Central Division.

The last time the Cardinals finished last in the division was 1990, which was the twilight of those great 1980's teams, managed by Whitey Herzog and backed by light-hitting, slick-fielding, fast teams of Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee, Vince Coleman, Terry Pendleton, and variety of other greats of the cocaine era.  Those teams made 3 World Series in the 1980's winning one in 1982 and probably denied a second series championship in 1985 in the infamous I-70 Series against KC.  In Game 6 the Cardinals suffered the vicissitudes of human error as Umpire Don Denkinger, who passed this May, made a wrong call and there was no official instant replay back in ancient 80's.  It's too bad The Blown Call was his legacy as he was apparently a stand up guy.

Since 2000, the Cardinals have made 16 post seasons (yes I know they are expanded) and have played in 4 World Series.  So this is uncharted (unchartered?) territory for the Mighty Red Birds.  But, Missouri has other much worse problems than a bad Baseball team. 

If you look at the classic Cardinals uniform it shows two birds on the bat.  If you know anything about Ornithology you might recognize red Cardinals are the male of the species.  So, the official uniform of the Missouri baseball team has a same-sex couple on front.  Will the MO Legislature order the Cardinals to change their uniforms or is this okay because baseball is for boys so boy birds are the only ones who can be displayed thus saving boys sports for boys?

Missouri, is plagued like so many states with Republicans.  And Republicans infest government for one purpose and one purpose only to make Americans lives worse in every conceivable way.  As you might know, Republicans passed a raft of anti-LGBTQ laws in the Republican test case for dehumanization and extermination of Americans.

Accountability would be nice
In February, a lying, deluded, paid propagandist named Jamie Reed alleged all sorts of medical malpractice and abuse of minors at Washington University in St. Louis and by inference declared this was standard practice in a hundred institutions Nationwide.   Buttressed by this carefully curated phony whistleblower, The Show Me State, decided scurrilous lies and innuendo was far more than enough to bring the awesome power of the state down upon people just trying to live their lives.  That infamous coward Josh Hawley proclaimed 'Accountability is Coming'.  

Except, as with all of these rightwing lies about LGBTQ persons and Teachers, this was a complete and utter fabrication.  A deliberate falsehood designed to get people to grant Republicans power to incarcerate and eliminate their ideological enemies.  Based on Jamie Reed's lies, Missouri Republicans passed the euphemistically titled SAFE Act which just made it past judicial injunction and as of September 1st denies Trans children medical care and criminalizes the providing Trans youth medical care.

Rightwing domestic terrorist attacks against the LGBTQ community are on the rise and Republicans plan to use governmental power at whatever level they control to kill them.  Understand the Republican Party is fully invested in lying and propaganda to maintain political power, but as they lose more and more elections, Republicans will transition to outright Fascist Violence following the well-worn model which presupposes their victims will be too cowed or too incredulous in believing it can happen here.  It's going to happen here, it's already happening here.

Be brave if you can, but be prepared.  Because once Republicans no longer see any hope in gerrymandering or voter suppression or the other tricks and chicanery they've engaged in to maintain power; Violence and murder will be the political weapons they use.

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