Saturday, September 30, 2023

Touchdown! Execute Taylor Swift? Conservatives hate Women and Football...

They're only so much rightwing garbage I or anyone can keep up with but, occasionally something are just too ridiculous or too vile to ignore, especially as the desired end result of inflammatory rightwing rhetoric is murder.

So, my Chicago Bears are currently the worst franchise in football.  I say this because the Chicago Bears are supposedly a storied franchise but, have been unable to adapt to modern football or even develop any modicum of sustained success.  The highpoint for the Bears in the last 25 years was the Devin Hester, Super Bowl Kickoff for a Touchdown in 2006.  Since then it has been a steady decline into ridiculous irrelevance and sub-par mediocrity, defeat, and fanbase misery.  Punctuated by comical losses (the Double Doink playoff loss in 2018) and soul-crushing insults like last year when Aaron "Torn Tendon" Rodgers declared, "I still Own You!" while beating the Bears, yet again.
Who are the Chefs?

So as the Kansas City Chiefs, led by transcendent QB talent Patrick Mahomes (whom the Bears passed on in the draft), were crushing the Bears 41-0, Taylor Swift was seen in the KC private box as a guest of TE Travis Kelce.  Mahomes said afterwards he didn't believe Kelce had invited Taylor Swift to the game, but said meeting her was cool, 
"Yea I met her. She's really cool. Good people.  But like Trav said, imma let them have their privacy and just keep it moving." 
Davis founded The Federalist
and is upset women won't "date" him
Pencil-dicked conservatives latched onto Taylor Swift a few years back, about the time Kanye jumped on stage and interrupted her, as their ideal woman; the ├╝berfrau.  Since then conservatives have fallen into love with Kanye and out of love with Taylor and her army of Swifties.  You see rightwing men saw the 6 foot tall Swift as their Nazi Goddess and got big boners thinking about how they could impregnate her with their seed and build the master race.  But, Taylor Swift, like most women, want nothing to do with the  MAGA Republicans. Even worse Swift is galvanizing her Swifties into an engaged voting bloc.

So, you know what happens next.  The juvenile rightwing brain immediately switches to hating that bitch, declaring her music sucks, and she's stupid, and ugly, and gay... oh and she should be executed.  You see conservatives loathe women and wish to enslave or murder them.  This is a great amount of the subtext of the rightwing gun fondling and displays.  Of course, the majority of guns are used to kill the gun owner after he has murdered his so-called loved ones and family members.

C. Kirk: Face to Big for Helmet
But! No Brains to CTE!
Stew Peters had a whole segment on his "show" about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.  Besides declaring Kelce is the new Colin Kapernick, Peters stated 

"This is a strong point in favor of the rumors that Taylor Swift is actually a lesbian or even asexual because with a history like that and all these death jabs, it's pretty clear Kelce has no dick," 

Peters declared Kelce sold out to Pfizer and is complicit in the murder of babies so his guest on the show, pyscho fundamentalist fanatic, Morgan Ariel added, 
"I think that we need justice in this country.  I think the celebrities that are pushing it, they should be tried. I think these people should be publicly prosecuted and hung."

You know what happens next, rightwing trolls and Russian bots on every social media platform amplify and expand the reach of these calls for Taylor Swift's murder, while the odious YouTube algorithm continually recommends rightwing influencers.  Republicans and law enforcement ignore it but, agree that something should be done about these baby-killers and death jabbers.  Some triggered right-winger takes it to heart and kills people and Republicans and Rightwingers offer up their Thoughts & Prayers and ask how this can happen and then go on to demonize someone else who is outside the MAGA circle.

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