Friday, September 1, 2023

Ted Cruz is a Republican no one wants to have a Beer with, let alone 2 a day!

As a Canadian Boss Hog imitator
Ted Cruz should be drinking Hamm's
So... Beer...  contra Benjamin Franklin's wisdom beer is not proof god loves us and wants to be happy.  But, to quote Homer Simpson alcohol is the cause and solution to all the world's problems.

Back in January, Canadian health officials and the World Health Organization reported that the amount of alcohol that is safe to consume is almost none.  2 drinks a week maximum is the new recommendation.  Incidentally, every drunk I've ever pulled over has always claimed to have had just 2 beers before driving.

Never one to let a good ginned-up controversy go to waste the Republicans claimed Joe Brandon is trying to take your beers away from you!  Faux News nincompoop Petey Doocey asked in a White House Press Conference "Does President Biden want to limit Americans to two beers a week?" and Faux News headlines are Biden White House dodges the question.  I'm surprised Kid Rock wasn't brought on to shoot up some Budweiser Zeroes...  

Republicans really have no respect for their voting base.  Ted Cruz would have you believe he was drinking brewskis with his chums while at Haaaaaaaaavard and Princeton, "If they want us to drink two beers a week, they can kiss my ass…". Yeah, right.  Rafael is so thirsty for tough guy bonafides.  Although, I bet while Cruz was vacationing in Cancun he drank plenty of Pina Colada's while Texas residents suffered from his typical lack of leadership.

As usual, elitist Republicans make these ham-handed, play-acting efforts to be seen as regular Joes instead of the smooth-bodied wide-waisted Ivy Leaguers.  Just "Belive" John Kennedy polishing his little silver .38 is a tough guy.  

Anyway, alcohol is not good for you.  No red wine isn't healthy.  No two drinks a night isn't okay.  But, there is truth in wine and the truth is alcohol is a poison.

This has been known for a long time but, the alcohol lobby is very powerful.  Just think of the billionaire families who made their money just distributing beer;  the Wirtz family in Chicago own the Blackhawks and Cindy McCain (nee Hensley) bootlegger father was the second largest Anheuser-Busch distributor in the US; as he grudgingly bankrolled John McCain's Senate runs.

The recent booze fueled antics of Wisconsin Drunk Van Orden and pill-popping, vodka-chugging Texan Ronny Jackson both have shown what mean drunks Republicans are but, despicable Republicans will never let an opportunity to lie about President Biden go to waste.

President Abraham Lincoln knew what and whom we are dealing with today back in 1860.  Conservatives have decided that unless we the people yield unconditionally to them they will ruin America.  Republican Rule or Ruin...

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