Sunday, September 17, 2023

Republican RFK Jr Candidate Fact Sheet - Loves: Lies, 2A & 1488. Hates: Gun Control, Vaccines & Democrats

Police arrested a man who was allegedly posing as a United States Marshal during a Hispanic Heritage Month event attended by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Friday in the Wilshire Park area.

Adrian Paul Aispuro, 44, was booked on a felony gun charge and was being held on $35,000 bail, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Inmate Information Center. 

LAPD says that they took the man into custody at the event as he was trying to pass himself off as a federal official.

They also say that the man wasn't believed to be threatening RFK Jr. or anyone else, but that he was armed. They did not provide further information on the type of firearm he was carrying. 

It's frightening to imagine what could have happened!  Why, the man, had a gun(s)!  And I'm sure we're all aware of the assassinations of RFK's father and uncle.  Let's see what candidate RFK Jr said about Guns this July,

“I do not believe that there is, within that second amendment, that there’s anything we can meaningfully do to reduce the trade in the ownership of guns, and I’m not going to take people’s guns away. Anybody who tells you that they’re going to be able to reduce gun violence through gun control at this point I don’t think is being realistic,” Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Huh... well... that's interesting...  So since RFK Jr doesn't believe in gun control, declared he won't take guns away from people, and the Police declared Aispuro wasn't "believed to be threatening RFK Jr." why is Kennedy afraid?  Guns Save Lives. 

Even more interesting in this context is RFK Jr. constantly harping on his need to have Secret Service protection.  Why?  Well it's to signal to White Supremacists he's one of them. The usage of 1488, if you are unaware, is not an accidental number sequence for the Kennedy campaign to put out.

Kennedy Jr. has been claiming he is the first Presidential Candidate in History to be denied Secret Service Protection at this stage in his campaign. Besides being an outright lie, it's a slander RFK Jr. is using to denigrate President Biden and to boost his chances of being Traitor Trump's running mate.

Perhaps the HGH and steroids RFK Jr. has been abusing are taking a toll on his body but, something has broken in his brain and he's just going full in on Anti-Vaxx nonsense and lies.  The Republicans are funding his campaign, he's a Faux News darling, Joe Rogan loves him, his every position is at best rightwing and more accurately described as Quasi-Fascist.   So... why is he a Democratic candidate for the 2024 election?

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