Thursday, September 28, 2023

Republicans hate America 2: Conservatives love striking Workers

Republicans are determined to beat down the American people.  A rightwing domestic terrorist used his Republican granted "right" to Run'em Down and hit 5 striking workers with his car while leaving a plant in Flint, Michigan. 

Republicans are consistently striving to make everyone's life materially worse in every imaginable way.  Whether this is by direct action like murderous Stand Your Ground/ Run'em Down "Laws" or undermining striking workers, Republicans raison d'être is bringing down the Country and the American people.

Besides hating America, Republicans constantly lie.  But, Republicans know that their 50 year campaign of whining about the so-called Liberal Media and "working the refs", they can be assured that their lies will be reported as "alternative facts" and the Corporate Media will twist themselves into knots to Both Sides every single issue.

Why else would the Corporate Media and rightwingers tout Traitor Trumps speech before a non-union group as equivalent to President Biden walking the picket line with striking UAW members.  Republicans are anti-union and Right-to-
Work (for Less).  But, the Media's job is to report what Republicans say and ignore what Republicans actually do.  Of course, with Trump the Corporate Media's job isn't even to report what he says, but to invent things to make Traitor Trump sound competent.  Even when Trump threatens to investigate and murder them, the Corporate Media is invested in Make Trump President Again.

Of course on top of this rightwing propagandists are paid big money to flood the zone with shit.  The above tweet from rightwing propagandist Benny Johnson is just one lie in an Ocean of Crap Republicans fling everywhere.

It's an excellent strategy.

Because it doesn't matter that Benny's lies are easily disprovable, even by the actual video he himself linked.  Benny Johnson knows he's telling lies.  Benny doesn't care.  Biden is for the UAW and the workers therefore conservatives are against whatever Biden is for and Benny's job, just like Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Tim Pool, or whatever rightwing propagandist du jour you can think of is to build up enough lies to tear down America.  Conservatives love lies and hate America.

I found the below paragraphs of contrasting President Biden and Traitor Trump;

"Biden has been an excellent president. He succeeded in achieving a number of things Trump promised but never accomplished: getting us started rebuilding our roads and bridges and bringing manufacturing back to the US, just to name two. The process of withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan was ugly, but the end result is that we are out of Afghanistan — another thing Trump promised but never delivered.

Biden has accomplished all this without the constant drama of the Trump administration. No nasty tweets. No demeaning nicknames for his opponents. No statements implying that his critics deserve to die or inviting his supporters to get violent. In short: as president, Trump was a constant embarrassment to the United States of America. Biden is not."

This is merely the most superficial analysis, President Biden has accomplished a lot, in the face of an insane group of Republicans controlling the House, and an Instagram Wannabe in the Senate in Krysten Sinema.  All the while facing constant bullshit from the Corporate Media which always covers Democratic Administrations against a backdrop of 4 story lines: 

  1. #BothSidesDoIt
  2. What do Trump Voters think?
  3. Today... Trump, truly, became President
  4. Democrats in Disarray!!!
Under this rubric, the Corporate Media will always obscure and soften the hatred of America and actual policy positions the Republican Party loudly and consistently espouses ; namely the destruction of the United States, the end of free and fair elections, and the ensconcing of a Fascist Dystopia ruled by the twin tyranny of White Republican Supremacists and evil evangelical christianity.

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