Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life and Liberty in America is for (Straight) Christians Only, everybody else can go to Hell

Right Wing Freedom of Religion is the freedom to use their Religion to impose their will upon all of Us. Because America is for Christians only.

The same mindset which fuels the Zealotry of the ISIS/ISIL fuels the Religious Loons in the United States.   It, of course, doesn't mean Americans Religious Nuts are the Same as the Islamic Religious Nuts because the muslim extremists are by far more honest and more open about their goals whereas the American extremists lie and try and use back-door illegal channels to get their Christian Fascism ensconced into Law.

Ben Sasse, the Republican nominee for US Senate in Nebraska believes, Religious Liberty gives him and other Christians total immunity to break laws with impunity.
Government cannot force Citizens to violate their religious beliefs under any circumstances...
Of course, we are talkin' bout Real Religion not "neo-pagan and polytheistic, pre-Christian deities,” and therefore it does not fall within “the Judeo-Christian tradition" distinction which Chesterfield County in Virginia proclaims are the only true religions and therefore the only ones allowed on their official county list.

Senator Orrin Hatch says if the SCOTUS doesn't give him the power to Oppress people using Religion he'll change the Constitution to make sure it does. 
"I hope the Supreme Court doesn’t screw that up is all I can say. Because if they foul up the First Amendment again, we are going to have a constitutional amendment," Senator Hatch said during a Memorial Day Speech, when asked about the pending Hobby Lobby Case before the Supreme Court.
These aren't fringe weirdos like Reverand Terry "Muttonchops" in Florida and his quran burning obsession. These are the erstwhile Leaders of the Republican Party elected to State and Federal Offices.

Republicans also routinely claim to be modern prophets. Ben Carson, claims The Lord GAWD had delivered unto him a message,
"I realized that God probably had something special he wanted me to say,” Carson explained. “But I didn’t know what it was until the morning of the prayer breakfast." 
"After a while of wrestling with it, I just said, I’m leaving it alone, the Lord will tell me what to say," he continued. "And that morning, it was so clear in my mind what I was supposed to say."
And that message? Healing the Sick? Helping the Poor? Aiding the Afflicted? Nope. America must have a Flat Tax!

Because Supply-Side Jesus teaches us, it is easier for a Rich Man to pass into Heaven seated comfortably on the back of a camel than for a poor man to pass through the eye of a needle.

GOP Congressional Candidate James Lankford in Oklahoma has let it be known far and wide that Gawd Himself! has called upon him to run for the U.S. House. Now, how can you vote against a White Male Christian and consider yourself a good and true America? You can't libtard!

But, what this bible-thumping and proclamations of persecution leads to; is Violence in the name of the Lord.

The latest NRA-supported shooter of the 74 School Shootings since the Pro-2nd Amendment Massacre at Sandy Hook, Jared Padgett in Oregon was indoctrinated by Mormon Religious Fanatics and was highly regard by Church Elders for his spirituality.

He expressed his desire to cleanse the world of Sinners. Get 1000 of the same thinking types together, give them a Religious Demagogue to lead them and you have the ISIS/ISIL.

But, don't worry because before the Christian Zealots can begin their pogroms and attempted overthrow of the Government the Conservative Domestic Terrorists will have launched their Insurrection and attempted Coup.

From Right Wing Watch comes everybody's favorite fake Historian and Fabricator David Barton. Who explains how the bible teaches us to Vote based on Gawd's Top Ten List:


Jerry Critter said...

Religious freedom does not mean you can do anything you want in the name of religion any more than freedom of speech means you can say anything you want.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Right-Wing Religious Freedom is a thin gruel of spite and oppression.

And it doesn't stop! Jody Hice, running for the 10th district in Georgia wrote in 2012 i slam is not protected by the 1st Amendment,

It is a complete geo-political structure and, as such, does not deserve First Amendment protection.

Once, Right-Wingers are able to determine what is and what is not protected it's a short step from Hice a Baptist Minister making the exact same argument about Catholicism (which American Religious Wackos hate as well) because Republicans are mad about the Pope helping the poor and aiding the afflicted, instead of adhering to the conservative values of harming the poor, afflicting the afflicted, trodding down upon the downtrodden as they enshrine Oppression, Intolerance and Adulation of the Rich into US Law.

Zarathustra said...

'Christians' are free to TRY tO IMPOSE their 'Hellish' Religion on me..... as soon as they're finished eating all of my 'SHIT'... directly from my ass...... Until then, they can go fuck themselves!

ChickenHammer said...

So tell us Gene how do you feel about the Mexican military firing on US law enforcement in the USA?

A . Reader said...

What bull shit this is and you are

Zarathustra said...

Um, I don't know about this... Christians are already pretty 'base'.

Green Eagle said...


Come back. we miss you.