Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Rich, their Republican Drones and Conservative Chicken Hawks want a New War in Iraq

"Tragically, all we’ve fought for in Iraq, all that 4,500 American lives were shed to gain, is on the cusp, potentially, of vanishing." Mitt Romney 6/13/2014
The Big Loser Romney likes to talk all about War and Sacrifice but, those are for other Americans. Profiting off of the Iraq War that's what Romney and his ilk know.

Via Crooks and Liars comes a demand for More War in Iraq by Tyler Cowan, Chairman and General Director of the Koch-financed Mercatus Center, in order that the Koch Brothers and other Plutocrats may profit.
An additional explanation of slow growth is now receiving attention, however. It is the persistence and expectation of peace.
The world just hasn’t had that much warfare lately, at least not by historical standards. Some of the recent headlines about Iraq or South Sudan make our world sound like a very bloody place, but today’s casualties pale in light of the tens of millions of people killed in the two world wars in the first half of the 20th century. Even the Vietnam War had many more deaths than any recent war involving an affluent country.
Counterintuitive though it may sound, the greater peacefulness of the world may make the attainment of higher rates of economic growth less urgent and thus less likely. Rather, the very possibility of war focuses the attention of governments on getting some basic decisions right — whether investing in science or simply liberalizing the economy. Such focus ends up improving a nation’s longer-run prospects.
War is the Health of the State, especially when the Rich run the Government and profit mightily when the Poor are sent of to die. As Cowan points out it's just the poor dying so he doesn't care.

So, Mitt Romney continued at his at his Utah gathering, "I lost the election, but I will continue to fight." Now you have to understand that when Romney talks about fighting he doesn't mean himself or his sons. It means other, less Rich Americans.
  • Mitt protested in favor of the War in Vietnam and the Draft, "served" Overseas in Paris, France instead of French Indochina. 
His five sons obviously inherited Romney's tough guy, We like to Talk the Talk but, we won't Walk the Walk,
"You know, I, ah, wanted to rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him. But you know you can’t do that because, well, first there’s a lot of secret service agents between you and him…" - Tagg Romney, talked about wanting to Punch the President at the second debate in 2012.
Listening to the Romney's is like watching a beer muscle guy at the bar tell his friends to hold him back. He isn't going to fight but he sure wants to appear tough and strong! Tagg is a chicken hawk coward. Just like his father before him and just like his younger brothers,
    • Combined Days of Military Service for Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben, and Craig Romney = 0
    The 5 Romney "Boys" were born between 1970 and 1981. When their father is added in they have a combined total of Zero Days of Military Service. When asked in 2008 why his sons weren't serving in the military, Mitt stated his dandified sons were too important,
    "One of the ways my sons are showing support for this nation is by trying to get me elected. Because they think I'll make a great President." 
    Republicans and Conservatives are by and large Chicken Hawks. They will gladly pontificate about the necessity of War while seated on their expansive posteriors, but when it comes to taking the Oath and putting their ass in Danger? Well that's for other people.
    Chris Matthews: "Would you like to enlist in this war [Iraq]?"
    Jason Mattera: "No."
    Matthews: "What kind of people should fight in this war, if not you?"
    Mattera: "Those who want to."
    See, as Mattera explains in the above linked video, the modern young conservatives are, "Fighting the War for Ideas". The Idea being that other Americans need to die to advance the Right-Wing Agenda of Oppression and Domination by the Rich.

    But, it's clear why right-wingers are pushing for a new Iraq War. They will again make Big Money off of Death and Destruction.

    George W(orst POTUS Ever) Bush used the Iraq War to funnel Trillions of dollars into the Bank Accounts of the Plutocracy, the super rich and Corporations. His base as he called them. It's another part of the Monstrous Crimes Bush perpetrated which we've lost sight of in recent years and which the American people need to be reminded about. W(orst POTUS Ever), his Republican Guard Dogs, right-wing drones and conservative chicken hawks engaged in a War Crime similar to the Genocide of Native Americans.

    Now, President Obama has deployed 170 forces into Baghdad to support the US Embassy, in the old Green Zone. There are an additional 100 waiting in reserve. And apparently there was discussion of inserting Special Forces Operators into the New Iraqi Army to provide support and bolster their flagging morale. Sadly, this has the smell of advisors all over it.

    Of course, I'm glad he did it before Republicans Benghazi'ed the President again. For you see Republicans have this nasty habit of undermining the Troops and underfunding security for Agencies and then blaming the President for their despicable misdeeds.

    Nonetheless, all across the Conservative Sunday Morning Talk circuit, the Old Architects of the Iraq Debacle were trotted out yet again. Yet again we must watch as the Republican Party Drones and their Conservative Chicken Hawks are allowed to lie about Iraq.


    W. Hackwhacker said...

    Gene - Well said. As I was reading your piece, the lyrics of CCRs "Fortunate Son" kept going thru my head:
    "Some folks inherit star spangled eyes,
    Ooh, they send you down to war;
    And when you ask them how much should we give,
    They only answer more, more, more!"

    As true now as it always has been with the Romney's and other plutocrat chickenhawks of the world.

    Tom Harper said...

    Now let's not be mean to the Romneys. Mitt and his five Mitt-ettes DID serve their country. They all worked as Mormon Missionaries for a certain period. As Ann Romney pointed out, being a Mormon Missionary is "just a different way of serving."

    Yes, she actually did say that in a TV interview.

    ChickenHammer said...

    I don't want to waste another American life in Iraq. But why weren't we picking off ISIS when they were marching in columns and Iraq was begging for air strikes?

    Grung_e_Gene said...

    W. Hackwhacker,

    Conservative Chickenhawks learned during Vietnam better to stay and home and infiltrate DC, Karl Rove, Dick Armey, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, John Bolton, Tom Delay and thousands of other Republicans eschewed military service in order to get ensconced in Politics and never hold a real job. Romney and his family is that special class while a Rich coward is brilliant at cost and analysis and would never risk his trust fund by joining the military.

    Tom Harper,
    Ha I do recall that! As well as Dressage Ann being Not Amused by the refusal of the surly American people to not knell down before her Rich Family as she had become accustomed to obsequious deference.

    I almost certain that you called for Impeachment of the President Obama for the Libyan airstrikes, if I'm wrong perhaps I've confused you with Joseph Farrar at World Nut Daily who did call fro Impeachment in a 2011 column over airstrikes in Libya and now is calling for Impeachment in a 2014 column for no airstrikes.

    House Republican Congressmen have in fact listed President Obama's military activities in Libya as a possible grounds for Impeachment.

    Of course, they never will Impeach as the Republicans dangle and thrust their big round impeaches in the faces of conservatives in order to get money and votes from the duped right-wing drones who salivate over it, like depraved perverts.

    ChickenHammer said...

    oBama ordered the Libyan airstrikes without congressional approval despite there being no imminent threat against the USA. In the case of the Libyan airstrikes oBama failed to seek congressional approval because congress had already made it clear they would not consent.

    In the case of Iraq oBama could easily get congressional approval for airstrikes.

    There is a huge difference between the two situations. The only thing they have in common is oBama making bad decisions.

    I hope you continue to appreciate imperial presidencies who rule (rather than lead) by executive order and through czars when we have another Republican in office.

    Grung_e_Gene said...

    Moronic and Ridiculous as usual ChickenHammer.

    Did Ronald Reagan seek Congressional approval for the 1986 Airstrikes?

    As usual you project the features of you Republican war criminals Reagan and W(orst POTUS Ever) upon President Obama.

    Grung_e_Gene said...

    George W(orst President Ever) Bush btw, signed Accords with Gaddafi in 2008, recognizing a Terrorist Nation, legitimizing a Brutal Criminal Dictator and forgiving the Lockerbie Bombing as well as numerous other terrorist attacks by the Libyans.

    Because W was a moronic war criminal appeaser.