Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Conservatives and Guns have turned the US into a Failed State.

Another day another shooting. Another weekend in Chicago another dozen shot.

The shooting at Reynolds High School east of Portland, Oregon is the 74th school shooting since the Massacre at Sandy Hook in Newton. The problem is the proliferation of guns.

Guns. Guns. Guns.

Of course, besides flooding the Nation with hundreds of millions of firearms the other issue equally to blame for the Gun Violence is the existence Right-Wing Tea Party ideology which creates thousands of conservative drones ready to conduct Domestic Terrorist attacks over the faux scandals of Umbrella-Gate, the rescuing of an American POW, or when Alex Jones proclaims every shooting is a False Flag.

Everything else is a secondary issue. Without the guns, we would not be losing 30,000 Americans with another 100,000 a year at least wounded by gunfire. Of course, we'll never how many people are wounded each and every year by gun humping fanatics because the NRA and Republican Party will fight every effort to stop Gun Violence.

This is something you expect in an African Nation which having just thrown off the shackles of Western Imperialism, became embroiled in a Civil War, then a Military Junta followed by a Communist Revolution and then a Right-Wing coup d'état.

Not here. Not in the USA; the Beacon of Freedom, the Shining City on a Hill, the World's so-called Greatest Democratic Republic.

Right-Wingers and Republicans always proclaim every one of these Conservative Domestic Terrorist attacks are actually done by Leftists and registered Democrats.

And why wouldn't lying Republicans claim this? The Media won't call them out for their lies. The American Right has a strong fascist streak.
"Here are the 3 rules of Fascism; Make Shit up, Scream it Loudly, and then Kill People." - Eddie Izzard, Chicago Theater 06/09/14.
But, consider what the NRA and conservatives have embraced as the cause and solution. Mental Illness and a Federal Database to catalogue those suffering from it.

Apparently within the epistemically closed right-wing fart bubble they are unaware of how committal was used in the past as a weapon. Today's involuntary committal forms have several declarations that must be signed by the complainant. They affirm the complainant has no legal case against the person to be committed, there is no pending financial dispute and state the nature of their relationship.

Now, as a corollary, Conservatives claim Liberalism is a mental disease.

So, the question is based on these right-wing claims about Liberalism and the political ideology of mass shooters would the NRA and conservative gun humpers support confiscating all guns owned by registered Democrats and self-proclaimed Liberals?

Because US Congressmen are paralyzed or complicit. State Governments have Tea Party madmen increasing the availability of Guns and engaging in murderous schemes granting every right-wing domestic terrorist the ability to carry weapons anywhere while adopting vague laws which ensure every confrontation will descend into gun fights.

The Republican Party, their conservative drones and Tea Party Domestic Terrorists have done their job. They've sundered the Nation.


Grung_e_Gene said...

No More Mister Nice Guy posts that the local chapter of the Republican Party, that regularly raffles off AR-15s for its gun-loving base.

This year, the party planned to give away an AR-15 at a dinner honoring Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King -- two men who were shot to death. Portland's KATU reported that this was "the third time in less than a year that the group [had] raffled off an AR-15."

One Fly said...

They've done this and more.

It's needs to be said the reason the media doesn't call them out for their lies because they are all one in the same. We can't win anything with odds like this.

Look what the baggers pulled off with Cantor and they are still a joke to many. Look out in Nov!

Chicken Hammer said...

I want to put my side of the argument out on a limb to ask a question.

Name the last mass shooting where the shooter was legally armed when they started shooting.

And how many times has it happened since Sandy Hook?

Grung_e_Gene said...

I believe this question is not as tough as you think.

We can look no further than Padgett the latest school shooter in Oregon.

He was legally armed right up until he wasn't.

Also perhaps you've heard Chris Kyle?

The problem is the proliferation of guns and who gets their hands upon them. Negligent Discharges in which "responsible gun owner" leaves his weapon unattended and a 4 year old shots his 2 year old sibling aren't "illegal" but are they criminal. And they are far more prevelant than the pro-gun community is willing to admit in general and to itself.

There is a fatal confirmation bias at work here. The Pro-Gun community are conducting a Social Experiment with deadly consequences.

And are you really asking me to go through the tens of thousands of shootings since Sandy Hook because if so I'm not dancing to the tune of calculate pi out to a million digits to prove something to you.

Grung_e_Gene said...

One Fly,

I don't minimize the dangers posed by Tea Party Domestic Terrorists. The GOP Establishment cultivated the religious zealots and libertarian maniacs thinking they would have a Fanatical Arm to do their bidding but during the time the Movement Conservatives were voting for Republicans they came to see themselves as the Real REpublican Party and the Establishment as RINOs.

Now the Party is there's and they will push trough stoning gays to death as soon as possible,

ChickenHammer said...

In the case of Jared Padgett and the Oregon school shooting when did it become legal for an unaccompanied minor to leave home in possession of a handgun and a rifle?

Responsible gun owners don't leave unattended weapons in unsecured places. Idiots gun owners who leave their weapons unsecured should be held criminally liable for any damage caused and lose the right to own them.

The Chris Kyle shooting is of the variety that could only be stopped by a complete and total ban and confiscation of every firearm in the country. The Chris Dorner shooting falls into the same category. Do you really think it's reasonable to take it that far?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Actually, Padgett defeated the gun safe and security locks which were on his families weapons. Additionally, when Officers were clearing the school another student (apparently unconnected to the shooting) was armed with a handgun. He was arrested

He had hid during the lock down drill.

But, this is all internet howling into the cyber-abyss. Can you name a Single Legislation the NRA or other Gun Groups would support?

And the gun deaths, NDs, Open Carry demonstrations, gang land shootings, targeting of gun owners for thefts and burglaries (like when they leave them in their unlocked car with an open center console) mean we're never going to legislate our way out of this mess.

Which, means the US is a Failed State. Unfortunately, we appear doomed to accidentally or purposefully shoot ourselves to death.

Anonymous said...

Giving up and calling the US a failed state undermines our great country even worse and becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Taking guns away from law abiding Americans who need them to defend themselves and their families and their homes is not the answer anymore than reducing the number of cars would reduce traffic deaths. Not letting irresponsible people possess them is the answer. My county has less than half the amount of law enforcement that is recommended for a population of our size. We lost two more police officers this week at the hands of a Bundy supporter. I live in Clark County Nevada and I am old and disabled and I am keeping my guns. I need them more now than ever! I am not going to give them away and sit here waiting to be a victim.

Georgie Benton said...

Idiots are very dangerous and sick as they come, and their favorite mantra is Blaming Bush for all of Obama's FUCK-UPs
as we see right here on this stupid asinine blog.