Thursday, June 19, 2014

President Obama still cleaning up Dick Cheney's Colossal Blunder(s)

One would be hard pressed to find a single Man responsible for more pain and damage to the American People and the Nation than Dick Cheney; Tojo and Robert E. Lee come to mind.

Cheney and his daughter whose only credentials are she's ridden Dick to further her political career and of being 1/5th of Dick's Deferments wrote an Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal which is a case study in projection and holds the key to the entire Conservative Mindset.
Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many. 
This one sentence encapsulates the entire pathological evil which drives the chicken hawk cowardly warmonger criminals who infest the Republican Party. Republicans are everything they claim they hate and are the antithesis of everything they claim to support.
"In the last five years America has receded from leadership in the world. And into that vacuum has stpeed Nations like Iran, like Russia, like China. As we abandoned our allies the consequences has been to make the world a much less safer place."
Chicken Hawk Senator Ted Cruz, proposes what exactly? The US military should have invaded Russia to defend Crimea? Does Senator Croooze think we should station soldiers on micro-islands in the South China Sea? Does he propose we back the Sunni Insurgents agains the Iranian back Maliki Government? Ted Cruz is an unserious boob who wishes he could have voted for the AUMF in 2002 because that's when brave tough REMF could tell libtards to suck on this.

The Bush/Cheney Crusade in Iraq has resulted only in the destabilizing of the region. Everything which has happened in Iraq, happened because of deliberate lies and ignorant fantasies, from W(orst POTUS Ever) and his staff of NeoCon war criminal buffoons stated Casus Belli (Smoking Gun=Mushroom Cloud, Saddam's connection to Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden), the ever rotating reason for remaining, all the lies of progress we were making, all the fallout, the loss of American lives, the destruction of thousands of families, a million dead Iraqis and $5 Trillion stolen.

Of course, as Dick Cheney would say, "So?"

President Obama announced today that the US would be providing 300 advisors and established JOC (Joint Operation Centers) in Baghdad and Northern Iraq. Additionally, surveillance elements would be dispatched and re-tasked to provide US additional intel on the situation involving the ISIL/ISIS.

The President also declared he would make Congress take the lead in determining a further course of action. Congress, of course, wants nothing to do with Iraq and will demagogue hoping President Obama will choose an official course of action which, either way they can attack as wrong.

The Bush/Cheney Crusade was naught but a massive list of monstrous crimes against Humanity which continue to this day.

The Nations of Iran and Turkey now must turn a large amount of their attention and resources towards containing the violence unleashed by Cheney's Evil.

The continuing Civil War in Syria will create a stable of potential fighters. Additionally, thousands of displaced innocent people are in a humanitarian crisis.

If the Kurdish People begin a push for an independent state, the Turks and the Persians aren't just going to let the areas of their countries slip away. As late as the 1990's the Turkish Government made the Kurdish language, Kurdish names and Kurdish newspapers and radio illegal.

In Iraq, families haven't yet recovered from Bush's War of Lies and now they face a tripartite Civil War, which will eventually end a mess of semi-functioning states. So, the Middle East will be a cauldron of Death and Mayhem. All thanks to the despicable evil humanoid creature Dick Cheney.

Thom Hartmann wrote a better take down of the War Criminal Cheney,
He lied his way into an illegal war, profited off that war, and shredded the Constitution. He's a war criminal and has the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent people on his hands. 
Dick Cheney should be rotting in a prison cell at The Hague, not writing editorials for the Wall Street Journal.


Life As I Know It Now said...

Cheney is a sociopath and won't stop until someone stops putting fresh hearts in him.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Life as I know it,

Pretty much, without access to Socialized Government Funded Healthcare Dick Cheney would have died 40+ years ago from either his heart attacks or inability to get insurance.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ha ha ha! It seems I have an internet stalker/thief over at Always on Watch. Ironic!

Sam Huntington has taken to taking sections of my blog posts adding things I did not write and posting them on his comment sections as though I jaunted over and posted them!!!

Anonymous said...

I too find it disturbing that the wingnuts really really wish they could say the n-word. Limbaugh himself has whined in direct terms of how it's not fair that blacks can say it but whites can't. As if its that hard to understand that all ethnic/religious groups (not just blacks) have certain privileges when it comes to talking about their own community, that outsiders do not have.

Walsh's tweets are so hilariously transparent. 'Honest discussion' my ass. The forum is hate radio. Honest discussion has no place on it. It's simply about giving his moron audience hate boners by hearing slurs.

And what does it say about teabaggers like Walsh and Allen West that they couldn't even get past their first terms in the House. One termers in that branch are a special kind of loser, in a branch that's been gerrymandered to the point of 98% incumbency rates. Pathetic.

Great blog by the way.