Thursday, June 12, 2014

Iraq: W Built This! George W. Bush is the Worst President in US History

"I'm the commander – see, I don't need to explain – I do not need to explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being the president. Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation." - Bush at War, Bob Woodward
11 years after Mission Accomplished and Iraq is about to fall to Muslim Extremist Insurgents. Reports are that Mosul and Tikrit have fallen to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) who "defeated" the American trained Iraqi Army despite facing 40:1 Odds Against. The ISIS states they plan to march on Baghdad and conquer the Country. the Maliki Government has requested drones and air support from the US. A request the Obama Administration has refused, thus far.

George W. Bush is the Now Officially the Worst President in American History. Even surpassing that arch-villain Ronald W. Reagan.

Bush, Cheney and Conservatives had been declaring the Iraq War a Victory for years. Besides the Eternal Progress we always seemed to be making, the Iraq War was declared over and over and over;
"We will be greeted as liberators." - March 16, 2003. 
"And we're making progress. There's tangible, visible progress on the ground there in Iraq," - April 24, 2003 
"Major Combat Operations in Iraq have ended." - May 1, 2003 
"Bring'em On!" - July 2, 2003 
"We're making progress, you bet," - April 30, 2004
"We're making progress. Yet there still is much work to do," - May 24, 2004 
"They're in the Last Throes," - June 20, 2005  
"Is the sacrifice worth it? It is worth it and it is vital to the security of our country," - June 29, 2005
"And we're making progress training the Iraqis. Oh, I know it's hard for some Americans to see that progress, but we are making progress," - August 11, 2005 
Saddam's Death - December 30, 2006 
We won. The Iraq War is over. I declare November 22, 2008 to be "Victory in Iraq Day." (Hereafter known as "VI Day.") - Zomblog, Zombietimes
"See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda." - George W. Bush, May 24, 2005.
Everything about the George W. Bush Administration has been a total failure. The Worst Terrorist Attack in History occurred under his watch and he couldn't be bothered to think about the mastermind responsible.

Bush and his Regime turned a blind eye to thousands of EPA violations, which we've seen result untold damage to the Country in the Gulf, in North Carolina, in the Great Lakes, in West Texas.

The economy is still in a shambles from the Republican Recession, the Trillions of Dollars wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Billions stolen by the obscene Bush Tax Cuts.

Under Bush and Cheney the top 0.1% got a tax cut of $520,000, 450 times what the middle income taxpayer received. The bottom 20% of Americans only got 1% of the tax cut, a $300 dollars Department of Treasury check. The tax cuts were sold as a way to bring in middle class jobs and rising middle class wages.

Koch Industries and the Exxon/Mobil funded Heritage Foundation rabidly cheered and promoted the Bush Tax Cuts. The Heritage Foundation's 2001 report proclaimed if the Bush tax cut legislation were to pass, it would:

1) Effectively pay off the federal debt;
2) Reduce the federal surplus by $1.4 trillion;
3) Substantially increase family income;
4) Save the entire Social Security surplus;
5) Increase personal savings;
6) Create more job opportunities.
Everyone of those claims was a deliberate lie to sell the tax cuts to the middle class as a job creator and deficit reducer. None of these claims came true because the Plutocracy and their Think Tanks knew they were lies. What did occur was a massive transfer of wealth upwards to the Plutocracy, which were the true goals of the Bush Tax Cuts and part of the Republican plan all along. 

Bush and the Republicans Wars are still costing the Nation. Thousands of American Veterans suffer from PTSD, many of them resort to taking their life, because the Republican Party doesn't care about broken soldiers and hasn't cared since they started the Wars. In total a Million Veterans may require a lifetime of coverage and support which Bush never intended to provide them with and the Republican  Party continually votes against providing.

Torture, the Bush TARP, a Bankers wet dream, wherein another Trillion in American taxpayer funds was grotesquely funneled directly to aid the Rich as a last Bushian Fuck You to the people.

But, you'll be hard pressed to find a conservative who voted for Bush nowadays. They are rarer than Hen's Teeth.

And now, the coup de'grace, the failure of George W(orst President Ever) Bush's Reverse Domino Theory in Iraq.
Two senior Iraqi politicians told Western intelligence that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction on the eve of the 2003 invasion – but their warnings were ignored and then not reported to the subsequent Butler inquiry, according to a major new investigation. 
Vital intelligence used to justify the invasion of Iraq 10 years ago was based on "fabrication" and "wishful thinking", the BBC Panorama documentary claims. While information from highly placed Iraqis was dismissed as unimportant if it indicated that Hussein did not have WMD, tip offs from low-ranking Iraqis were eagerly lapped up if they reinforced what George W Bush and Tony Blair wanted to hear, it is claimed.
Hundreds of Thousands dead and at least $5 Trillion lost on the Iraq Debacle based on "intelligence" Tony Blair and MI6 and George W(orst President Ever) Bush and the CIA knew was fabricated while dissenting intelligence was ignored.

John McCain (and others) are pushing the We Won Iraq until That One lost it.
"What about the fact that we had it Won? The fact is we had the conflict won, and we had a stable government, and a residual force such as we have left behind ... but the president wanted out and now we are paying a very heavy price."
Sure, a perpetual "stablizing force" suffering the daily death of one or more military members. The expenditure of Billions of Dollars a day, most of it swindled by the American Plutocracy and shuffled of into Cayman Islands Bank accounts. That is what McCain wanted. That is what the Republican Party wanted.

The Republican Party in all its' iterations is the most despicable collection of scum ever assembled. They and their mindless conservative drones won't be happy until we are all ground down into nothing and the Democratic Republic is obliterated.


Not in MY name said...

Another day another ass he writing a blog about Gun Control

Not in. MY name said...

Another Day, another Ass Hole writing another blog about Gun Control.

A . Reader said...

Hey jerkoff, I have some bad news for you. Oblabber has been president for the past 5 years, Time to blame him for Fucking up this country, the blame Bush excuse has expired.

Patricia said...

How is it that Bush's name has been obliterated from the ruination he's brought upon this country? There may be plenty to blame President Obama for, but no one wants to acknowledge he got us into the Iraq mess on a bed of WMD and a mushroom cloud of lies. Keep fighting Gene. Iraq is a shambles and you can't dump that mess into President Obama's lap. Mission NOT accomplished!

Grung_e_Gene said...

A Reader, Go pound sand. If you hadn't been such a chicken hawk coward and let other people fight in Iraq you would have been killed overseas in Bush's War.

The damage Bush and the Republican Party has done to this nation will take more than a generation to fix, if ever.

Do the country a favor and suck start a pistol. You can borrow it from My Name is dumb fuck above you.

Anonymous said...

Only an idiot would believe Bush's lies to invade Iraq and only an idiot would think once we left Iraq there would be a peaceful, democratic country without any violence.

ChickenHammer said...

If you want to say George W. Bush fucked up by getting us into Iraq I agree. We didn't need to go there and it was a mistake. But when you start blaming George W. Bush for the way oBama screwed up our withdraw I have no choice but to call you out.

A leader takes what is given them and makes the best out of it they can. oBama was handed a shit situation with our troops in Iraq fighting a war that was very unpopular at home and a war the American people wanted out of.

At this point a real leader would say, "I was given a shitty war we all wanted out of and I made mistakes in the way we withdrew. I got blind sided by some elements who were not a part of the engagement when I inherited the war. I've made mistakes and I'll take responsibility for that and make things right."

But no. We've got a leader who after being in office for more than five years still blames the prior administration. Ignore the fact that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) didn't exist when oBama was inaugurated. Ignore the fact that oBama and silly uncle Joe proclaimed that peace in Iraq would be one of oBama's crowing achievements. Ignore it all because oBama failed again and he's still got a whole army of zombies wanting to make excuses for him and his failures.

Grung_e_Gene said...

So the ISIS is made up of 5 year olds? And the Iraqi army upon which we spent billions of dollars and thousands of lives training dropped their gear and uniforms because of Obama?

As with every failure the Republicans and W foisted upon the nation, conservatives those beacons of personal responsibility seek to let blame others.

George Cucumber said...

Fuck Obama, his Mooching wove and the Dickhead who writes this shit clef a blog, and throw on his Mother who lye this little prick be born as well.

One Fly said...

Right on GG!

For one of your ignorant posters Irak was not a "mistake" but perhaps the worst act of treason ever perpetrated against my country.

Fortunately for the deniers/stupids history has been pretty much rewritten in support of your flawed reasoning.

Unfortunately for those few of us who know the truth of the matter and refuse to be part of rewriting these lies - back then few gave a shit and even fewer give a shit now.

My hand still waves high and fast for the honor of pulling the trip rope on all of the treasonous killer bushes.

the yellow fringe said...

Grunge-e-Gene, These comment droppers write is not the end of the story. What they want is a return to the battlefield, more war, more entertainment on the evening news. When Cheney took over the Bush administration and switched from Afgan to Iraq where KBR and Halliburton could profit, I wrote an Op-ed that your boys playing T-ball today will die in Iraq. Shit storm in the papers comment section, no no 1 month. Wish I had been wrong, but some of those 6 year olds didn't make it. I guess if we could send their baby brothers over now that would make it worth it.

Jerry Critter said...

This is proof-positive that republicans have no concept of how to run a government. They just fuck it up, and leave their shit for democrats to clean up.

Republicans running the country are like your Obama hating commenters; they don't have a clue and make a fools out of themselves every time they open their mouths.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Patricia, One Fly, yellow fringe, Jerry Critter,

Thank you all for your comments.

In 2008 as the American People saw the horror of Republican Governorship, the Right-Wing Media Machine got to work to ensure all the blame for W(orst President Ever) was displaced onto President Obama.

The Tea Party, Libertarians, Compassionate Conservatism are all just the repacking of standard Right-Wing ideas. The entire edifice of conservative media have to continually work to relabel their odious ideas once Americans become disgusted and tired of them.

Everything George W(orst Ever) Bush did harmed America but benefited the Republican Party's Masters the 1%.

So, it wasn't being unfit to lead but as Thomas Frank documented in Wrecking Crew: How Republicans Rule and as it has been demonstrated over and over by Republicans, they declare Government can't function then when elected they go about sabotaging, undermining, underfunding and destroying elements of the Government in order to off-shore, deregulate and privatize everything as possible

Jerry Critter said...

You got that right, Gene. The best way to prove government is the problem is to appoint incompetent people to run it. Republicans excel at that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah thanks alotObama

Grung_e_Gene said...

Hey anonymous coward.

Do you know who Karl Donitz was? Did you know the British during WW1 captured him on Malta?

Did you know that after WW1 ended he went back to Germany and during WW2 he was the Admiral of U-Boats and then of the entire Germany Navy and then the last leader of Nazi Germany?

But, such is lost on you. What I'd like to see is your DD-214 with the number of overseas days and please invite me over to the MEPS where you plan to take the Oath of Enlistment.

Otherwise you're nothing but a Conservative Chicken Hawk willing to let other fight and die for your cherished principles.


Exposing the Absurdity, Deceit and Hypocrisy of the Liberal Left said...

Now I've seen it all, a liberals with 2 ass holes.

One in his behind and the other on his shoulders.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Dear Exposing Yourself,
I know you've never Seen the Elephant, you fucking coward.

Google the phrase.

Gotta Love the Smell of Fried Chicken Hawk!

ChickenHammer said...

There is an ugly terrorist situation brewing. The question of the day is will our current administration do everything in it's power to bring peace to the region; or will it throw it's hands up in the air and screech that it all the fault of an administration whom has been out of power for more than five years.

Jerry Critter said...

Since when is it our job to "bring peace to the region"?

A. Reader said...

Oh boy that blow job your Mother gave me and my friends last night was great.
And it's great that all she wanted in return was 2 hot dogs.
I wonder what's she's going to do with them.
Let me guess!

No Coward Here.. Ass-hole. said...

Answer 2 tours .
As for yours ........ Shove it up your liberal pansy ass.

M. Quinn said...

Hey ScumBag, you work on the assumption I give a fuck about you and what you say or think.
Even though your ignorance only makes you look dumber than Obama.
Well what I give a fuck about is the fact that you and your fellow cocksucking liberals are fucking up MY country!
Period, otherwise you and Shaw and Jerry the prick Critter can all go to Hell. And stay there, til you rot.. . But don't worry its Bush's fault LOL

Grung_e_Gene said...

Jerry Critter,

Good Question. If, and this is a big IF, ChickenHammer truly believes what he is writing then yes he is calling for an opened Occupation because we are the Police of the World. (Note: CH claims to be a Veteran so I assume it's some other dogface's job to deploy year after year after year.)

Long ago I compared Iraq to the Philippine Insurrection, in which America held forces in the PI from 1899-1992.

In the Crusades, Europe sent millions of warriors and families into the Levant and stayed for 200 years. Nothing but the giant empty stone fortress of the Krak de Chevaliers and enmity.

But, this reflexive YOU CAN't BLAME BUSH cause he's not in power, as if there is a statute of limitations on murders or a war crimes.

Bush and the Republicans built this, nurtured this and now they want to blame Barack.

Grung_e_Gene said...

So, Keyboard Commandoes when do you re-enlist to go back to Iraq? Sure, you did 2 tours sure you did.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ChickenHammer said...

Good Question. If, and this is a big IF, ChickenHammer truly believes what he is writing then yes he is calling for an opened Occupation because we are the Police of the World.

You really like putting words in my mouth Gene. Like our first black precedent I've got no meaningful foreign policy experience. Unlike our first black precedent my lack of foreign policy credentials hasn't plunged parts of the world into civil war and chaos.

oBama was handed a fucked up situation and proceeded to make it far worse than what it was. He has increased instability and our risk of something far worse than 9/11. We all know this to be true, even the oBamaBots like you who just refuse to admit it.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh ChickenHammer,

Surely you recall this comment for less than 15 hours ago, "will our current administration do everything in it's power to bring peace to the region"

You really like to play the game of dual meaning comments, Oh President Obama was handed a fucked up situation but he needs to do everything to rectify it!

Ridiculous! It's unbelievable that Histroy to Conservatives begins in Jan 2009.

Iraq and the Region are fucked because of W(orst POTUS Ever) and the fantasies of NeoCon Foreign Policy and now Obama and the Democrats have to clean up the mess.

Just little ole me said...

Eat Shit

Anonymous said...

Gene, why do you even answer all those ShitHead republicans that come here and wast your time and blog space?