Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Benghazi is a distraction from Iraq which is a distraction from Benghazi which is a distraction from...

Yesterday, President Obama announced that the Ringleader of the Benghazi attacks Ahmed Abu Khatallah has been captured. Here is President Obama's written statement;
The United States has an unwavering commitment to bring to justice those responsible for harming Americans. Since the deadly attacks on our facilities in Benghazi, I have made it a priority to find and bring to justice those responsible for the deaths of four brave Americans. I recently authorized an operation in Libya to detain an individual charged for his role in these attacks, Ahmed Abu Khatallah. The fact that he is now in U.S. custody is a testament to the painstaking efforts of our military, law enforcement, and intelligence personnel. Because of their courage and professionalism, this individual will now face the full weight of the American justice system.
Even as we welcome the success of this operation, we also pause to remember the four Americans who gave their lives in Benghazi representing their country: Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty. As I said shortly after the attack, they exemplified the values that we stand for as a nation, including a commitment to freedom and justice. All Americans should be grateful for their service, just as we are grateful to all our personnel – civilian and military – who represent our country around the globe. We will continue to honor our fallen by carrying on their efforts in support of the Libyan people’s aspirations to live in a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic society.
With this operation, the United States has once again demonstrated that we will do whatever it takes to see that justice is done when people harm Americans. We will continue our efforts to bring to justice those who were responsible for the Benghazi attacks. We will remain vigilant against all acts of terrorism, and we will continue to prioritize the protection of our service-members and civilians overseas. We will also sustain our support for the Libyan people, as they work to overcome years of tyranny and do the difficult work of building a democracy.
Once again the President has shown himself to be a great man amongst the vile villains and despicable dilettantes who circle around the cesspool of Washington DC.

Of course, Faux News wasted no time in proclaiming this a distraction or conspiracy. Right-Wingers and Republicans sputtered, pouted, bitched and moaned about the declaration from President Obama.

Being shameless disgusting enemies of America, the Republicans found the actions by the Department of Justice, FBI and Special Forces too convenient, the timing too perfect.

Of course, what they are complaining about is the destruction of their Fake Scandals. Ahmed Abu Khatallah, has stated the attack was in response to the stupidly inflammatory Innocence of Muslims youtube video, as was believed by the CIA at the time and stated by the vilified Susan Rice.

His capture and that statement alone have deflated over a year and a half's worth of lying demagoguery. As the Republicans and conservatives have been building a grand narrative upon the bodies of the 4 dead in Benghazi. Fours Americans whose names they can never remember but, upon whose corpses thousands of right-wingers have constructed an edifice of lies and innuendo, which they fervently hoped and prayed would lead to Impeachment.

Now, Republicans are reduced to pathetic mewling curs, sending out tantrum tweets. Waaaah! The Republicans tweeted! Waaaah! We still have a wholly bullshit Trey Gowdy led Benghazi Panel working! Waaaah! This arrest will undermine all the undermining of the President we've done! Waaaaaah!

Many years ago the mewling punk ass bitch Republicans embarked on a quest to blame all their evil actions upon President Obama. They wanted the Presidency back in order to continue their Agenda to impoverish Americans and Subjugate the Nation to the Will of the Plutocracy

Now, matter what the question or incident, Conservatives would declare it a scandal and throw a tantrum. Republicans and Conservatives believed that if they flung enough shit and shut down the government enough times, everyday Americans who are working harder and longer to try an reach the American Dream and don't have time to uncover all the Right-Wing lies and bullshit, would just throw up their hands and let the Republicans have the Presidency as happened in 2000.

Fortunately, unlike in 2000 when Republicans were allowed to steal the Presidency, and the Nation and entire world were cursed with the evil ineptitude of the George W(orst President Ever) Regime, which resulted in thousands of Americans dead and wounded in the worst attack on American soil in the Nation's History, thousands of Americans dead and tens of thousands wounded in Iraq, $5 Trillion dollars of tax payer dollars wasted and stolen, and the impoverishment of millions of Americans at home during the Republican Recession and Bush housing bubble.

Thankfully a man of honor, Barack Obama, is in the White House now and the Nation's enemies both foreign and domestic hate him.

Enemy of America, and a man who has done more damage to the United States save for Tojo or Robert E. Lee, Dick-Less Cheney is back trying to pin the blame for his epic failures in Iraq and the United States. I'll link to the BradBlog who has excerpts fro Cheney's Wall Street Journal fact-free missive.


Jerry Critter said...

Republicans create terrorist enemies of the US. Democrats capture and/or kill them.

Who makes us safer?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Jerry Critter,

Exactly. The last 35 years of American Politics has seen Republicans shit over everything, the economy, (Reagan's Recession, Reagan and the Republican Savings & Loan debacle, Bush's Massive Recession and Theft of trillions) foreign policy (Reagan cut and Run in Lebanon, Reagan's selling weapons to Iran funding terrorists in Central American, W[orst POTUS] in Iraq), protection of the United States (Never forget 9/11), taking care of overseas troops (Iraq again and Reagan's murder of 241 Marines).

Over and over the Republicans fuck up the nation and expect the Democratic President to clean up their messes all the while they and their conservative media allies blame the Democratic Party for the Right-Wing Agenda in the first place.

The Dow Jones Industrial just hit a record high under President Obama.

Tom Harper said...

I can't believe Cheney and his daughter the Quitter actually have the nerve to criticize Obama's handling of Iraq. Some people are just too dense and thick-skinned to be capable of shame or embarrassment.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Tom Harper,
Liz is more of a Nepotist having never gotten any position or job without using the Cheney name, she's ridden Dick to all her high level positions.

There is a belief that evil people don't see themselves as evil but in the Cheney's case they most assuredly know they are some of the most evil humans living and they revel in it.