Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Las Vegas "This is the start of a Revolution"; Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism in full effect (Updated)

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Our picture of Jerad Miller guarding the road into Bundy Ranch in mid-April:
The Right-Wing Revolution to overthrow the Government of the United States has progressed beyond a coup d'état by the 300 Republicans in the federal government and into a shooting war where Conservative Domestic Terrorists are gunning down Law Enforcement Officers.

Conservatives will not be satisfied until they undo the Will of the American People and enforce their evil through the barrel of a gun.

Conservatism is Terrorism.

Two Bundyists ambushed and murdered two Las Vegas Police Officers then absconded to a Wal-Mart where they killed another person before taking their own lives.

Dean Heller, the US Republican Senator from Nevada, gave his full support to these two and hundreds more Bundyists conservative terrorists in their showdown with the BLM, emboldening them to murder to Las Vegas Police Officers. "What Senator Reid may call domestic terrorists, I call patriots," Senator Dean Heller (R). 

The Republican Party fully supports the efforts of Conservative Domestic Terrorists because of the political power it grants them.

The Bundy Ranch Affair proved what everyone in the US Government knew in 2009. Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists pose a serious threat to the American People and Government employees.

The male half of the two killers often posted on Alex Jones Infowars, asking the question, 'The Police (To Kill or Not to Kill)'. Little Green Footballs has an early collection of information gathered on this particular Right-Wing Terrorist. (Alex Jones, of course, has proclaimed that these Domestic Terrorists are an MK-ULTRA fueled false-flag government conspiracy unleashed by Senator Harry Reid.)

The Las Vegas Conservative Terrorist Attack came on the heels and overshadowed another one.

In Georgia, a Sovereign Citizen decided to take control of a Georgia Courthouse to kill as many government workers as possible, take hostages and effect political change with his massive armory.

Of course, this Sovereign Citizen can be dismissed because his last name was MARX, and as every conservative domestic terrorist can tell you, 'the Nazis were named National Socialists therefore they are Socialists, duh liberals!'

So Marx was ipso facto a Marxist in the same way that the Chicago Bears Football team is made up of actual Grizzlies and Pandas.

It's bad enough LEOs have to worry about criminal scum buckets, but conservative terrorists are a bigger threat because they have the complete backing of the Republican Party and various well-funded, politically connected Terrorists Organizations like the Roger Ailes Fox News Corp, Wayne LaPierre's NRA and Tony Perkin's Family Research Council.

And no matter the attack Alex Jones or Wayne LaPierre will blame the Government. As when the NRA paraded a Navy SEAL out to make a propaganda video which... claims calling the Murderous Shooting Rampages, "shootings" is the real propaganda.

The Gun Humping Fanatics are rapidly turning our Country into a Failed State. The III Percenters, Open Carry Texas, Oathbreakers, the Cliven Bundyists all fit the classic definition of terrorists; Someone who seeks to effect political change with Violence or the Threat of Violence.

Nonetheless, what conservatives and their Republican backers understand is their implicit threat of violence (Molon Labe) is not getting them the Government Power they crave fast enough so they have moved on to Murder.

Bradblog has an interview of Daryl Johnson, author of the 2009 DHS report on Rightwing Extremism, by Brian Levin in 2011.

What we have in the US is a systematic turning of a blind eye towards Conservative Extremism. The Media doesn't want to cover it for fear of being labeled Liberal. So they go out of their way to minimize coverage. Additionally, when a Rightwing Domestic Terrorist Organization like the Tea Party or III Percenters or Oathbreakers, begins a disinformation campaign to proclaim some Shooter who was clearly inspired by Right-Wing Rhetoric is actually a Leftist. The Media dutifully covers that angle because it has to ensure both sides of the issue are covered.

Update 2:
The Internet's dumbest man, but most prodigious propagandist, Jim Hoft has declared the Las Vegas  Domestic Terrorists are Leftist Neo-Nazis and the comments are stunning.

This is the continuing cycle of Right-Wing Violence.


Jerry Critter said...

Hopefully, next time they will decide to shoot themselves first, and the police officers second.

Anonymous said...

Look no further than the agitator in the WH

Anonymous said...


Grung_e_Gene said...

Why anonymous you're just a bigger coward than the Conservative Domestic Terrorist in Las Vegas!

Jon Voight? Movie Stars should shut up about Politics, uh.. unless that is they agree with my right-wing positions!!!

You're nothing but a chicken crap cowardly hypocrite anti-American terrorist lover...

ChickenHammer said...

Wow! You've started drinking way earlier in the day than what I've come to expect from you Gene.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Okay, ChickenHammer is this how you want to play out your comments from now on?

Because I could reply that your wife fixed me a drink after I screwed her brains out last night while you were playing with your stand-in wiener?

Is that good enough? Or do you want me to point out that you're a fake veteran?

Start offering up something substantial or don't expect anything other than a reflection of your despicable insults right back at you.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yes, Anonymous, the Irish should tell US who the War Criminals are...


Anonymous said...

That is one liberal woman,not representative of all Irish.
Plus it was more thatn that,she was talking about ridiculous fawning over
the Obamas and the fact if his hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

And good for her for saying what many of us already know or at least have the blinders off

Anonymous said...

I agree with you but I can't help but wonder who you are attempting to reach. Those of us who can think, probably agree with you already and those that don't think and let Fox News tell them what to believe will never agree with you no matter how eloquently You present the facts to them. I for one, gave up charging windmills. I admire your efforts.

ChickenHammer said...

Okay, ChickenHammer is this how you want to play out your comments from now on?

Is that how you want to play it Gene? When I first commented on your blog I was polite and civil. I made my point, stated my facts, and did not engage in any name calling. The responses to my posts were little more than juvenile name calling, fabricated retorts, and delusional denial.

My bad for stooping to your, and your fan boi's, level. Things will be different now.

ChickenHammer said...

Why is it that there is no mention of Jerad Miller being kicked out of the Cliven Bundy compound after his background came to light?

Jerad Miller wasn't welcome at the ranch after they learned his background but we're hard pressed to find that information on any of the left leaning sites. Why is that?

Grung_e_Gene said...

mohave rat,

Oh, I know conservatives will never allow facts to change their preconceived notions and biases. But, after what they've done the stolen 2000 election, the ignoring of warning pre-911, the Iraq War, the 2004 divide and conquer, the chicken hawk warmongering, the despicable 2nd bush term, the Republican Recession, the gun lunacy, their hatred of the poor and veneration of the rich, they're adoption of anti-human and anti-american beliefs, I'm never going to let them Move On and act as if this mess isn't a direct result of their actions and ideology.

Especially, now that Conservatives have declared war on LEOs and are killing Cops!

Grung_e_Gene said...

Okay CH, even though I expect you to backslide, I'll start fresh and respond in kind.

Miller did get kicked out after a political candidate brought it to the attention of the other Bundyist Insurgents that the conservative domestic terrorist was a convicted felon.

But, the Oathkeepers also had a falling out with the Security Detail to the point of allegedly turning weapons on to each before they left the ranch.

And the Leader of the Constitutional Sheriffs of America stated the battle plan was to put women and children first on the front line in front of the brave Bundyist Insurgents.

Also a Nevada Congressman alleged he received numerous complaints that the insurgents were setting up armed check points, stopping vehicles and demanding ID.

and of course, Sean Hannity and Republicans ran from Bundy when he made his comments about "the Negro".

ChickenHammer said...

As long as we're being civil why bring Sean Hanity into the conversation? I'm more often compared with Glenn Beck but the truth of the matter is I have no interest in, nor spend any time listening to, either of them.

If you are in fact a liberal do you fall into lock step with all the liberal talking heads? So why do you think I'm in lock step with the conservative ones?

A . Reader said...

You are such a prick , you can't answer a question without fucking up your answer