Saturday, January 14, 2012

LAPD Sheriff Deputy punches mentally challenged woman in the face

"Not all cultures are equal. Not all values are equal." ~ Michele Bachmann
Memo To Rahm Emmanuel: When the Police are your only tool everyone becomes a Perp. Video emerged of an LAPD Sheriff's Deputy punching a woman who is developmentally challenged. I try not to come to a conclusion of what the incident, in and of itself means, or judge the Deputy involved prior to all the facts coming out. The incident came about because the woman reportedly alarmed other people on the bus who dialed 911 because who else are you going to call?

Image is important.

Every Police Officer should be aware a punch oft times is not a good technique for handling a situation, punches aren't designed to get compliance from people. In almost all cases, punches appear to be abuse or an over-reaction. Read what the witnesses said the incident appeared like to them,
"Like they're tired of dealing with her..."

"I can't believe he didn't try to diffuse the situation at all..."
But, why is the Officer in this position at all? Because rich psychopaths who control the Government have deemed spending on Mental Health facilities to be SOCIALISM! Confrontations like this are are the result of the 1% Austerity programs which directly target facilities which are best suited and staffed to help people like this woman.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel's 2012 budget eliminates 7 of the 13 mental health facilities to save a few million bucks. Why? Because the 1% wishes it. They don't need society. The rich are Pyschopaths. So they especially hate mental health workers.

As Bachmann stated not all cultures are equal. Bachmann and her Republicon Ilk have spent decades coarsening American Society in the viscous pursuit of the Ayn Randian Dream-land, the elimination of programs and facilities to aid Americans, for their Plutocratic Masters. Now 21st century American society is the "richest nation in the world" where the poor and unfortunate are left on the other side of the river.

Police Officers should not be the ones tasked with regularly dealing with people suffering from reduced capacity or mental problems. The Mental Health of members of society needs to be addressed by that society. It's a measuring stick of the level of civilization.

And Our Civilization is rapidly declining thanks to the evil 1%, their Republican Marionettes and Austerity programs.

So, Chicago be prepared for more and more incidents like this as CPD is called in to handle mentally disturbed individuals and the Officers don't know what to do so they Taze him and he dies of excited delirium.

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Green Eagle said...

I'm so glad that you started your post with a quote from Michelle Bachmann. Perhaps it will be a warning to her- if this guy really punches mentally challenged women, Michelle had better be careful to stay out of arm's length of him. God knows, she's got enough problems without getting punched in the face.