Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Barack Obama already ranks among the Greatest US Presidents

President Obama has been one of the best Presidents America has ever had. After Barack wins re-election in 2012 his second term will cement him in the Upper Echelon. Having Barack Obama as Our President makes me proud to be an American again.

To think of the destruction Obama was handed from the Worst President In US History George W. Bush and then having to face the Second Civil War as the Republicons in Congress made their Only Stated Policy Goal of 'making him a One-Term President'

But, even facing the daily lies from Faux News, the destructive anti-American policies of the Punk-Ass GOP, the smears from Right-Wing funded think tanks and the blubbering of ponderous Toxic Right Wing Radio Commentators declaring "I Want Him to Fail." President Obama arrested the collapse of the Nation and set us upon the Path towards a more perfect, equitable Union.

It won't be easy to create a Better America. The Republicon Congress has no intention of helping America. For 3 years the Right-Wing has been harming America and hurting Americans in an Campaign to Blame Barack for their torching of the Country. The Evil Stain on the Nation, that Party of Bigots and Thieves, the GOP will stop at nothing to beat down the People and serve their Plutocratic Masters.

Additionally, the Alternate Reality sewn in the minds of the duped and ignorant rubes who vote for Republicons is working. Self conditioning Right-wing bloggers, who've absorbed so much propaganda, continue to furiously try to downplay the Massive Achievements of Barack Obama the Great.

The State of the Union Address was Epic. Obama covered many of the things, but not all, we Liberals wanted to hear. It's a repudiation of Conservative Piss Down Your Back and Tell You It's Raining Prosperity Reaganomics. Obama's call for the Government to step up and reign in the murderous Oil Companies, the greedy and viscous Hedge Fund Vultures, to create a sensible economic policy, a return to investing in American jobs, and an end to the Era of the Greedy 1% served notice.

More needs to be done after Obama's Victory in 2012. An End to the Phony War on Terror, especially in Afghanistan but also the drone attacks in and around HOA, a solution to Gitmo, higher taxes on Thieving Disaster Capitalists, a transaction tax on Wall Street, a Single-Payer Medicare Option for All and more. But once we Liberals Stand Behind Our President and get him re-elected the Sun will again Shine on America the Beautiful.

The fantastic David Corn over at Mother Jones writes Obama's SOTU,
With this speech, Obama forcefully presented a view of the nation and the tasks at hand that positioned him as a can-do, patriotic, forward-looking optimist against obstructionist Republicans with a dark take on the nation's prospects. He pitched government policies that would bolster middle-class security: job-training programs, tax credits for college tuition and repatriating jobs to the United States, mortgage refinancing, research-and-development spending, and measures to boost domestic manufacturing. "Take the money we're no longer spending at war," he declared, "use half of it to pay down our debt, and use the rest to do some nation-building right here at home."

Due to this shift, the 2012 race is shaping up as a titanic face-off between a president who advocates using government to bolster the economy and address inequities and Republicans who have one answer to everything: Smother government and let the markets run free. In his speech, Obama called for "great projects." Republicans call for no projects—that is, nothing outside the private sector. This is a damn clear contrast.
Damn Clear contrast David and a damn clear choice, Barack Obama the Great or a Republicon slug.


Sarge said...

A am not in favor of a single payer health care system - I am for fairness in underwriting - No pre-x, refusing coverage, or canceling someone once they get sick. Is mandated coverage the answer? Yes. It is the only way the system will work. The rule of large numbers means - the more premium you have coming in the greater risk you can assume.
Now, Medicare eligibility needs dropped to age 62 - So you can retire early with health care.
I am in favor of eliminating income taxes in favor of a national sales tax - people drawing social security would be excluded from participation and things that are already taxed like booze and cigarettes would be exempted along with food and prescription drugs.
People don't like this - But I am in favor of a national ID card -
tamper proof. Without ID - you don't do shit.

Just some spit-ballin...


Grung_e_Gene said...

These are reasonable points which we could debate Sarge. But, we're living in an Age of Republican Unreason.

Especially when it comes to healthcare "Providers".

Illinois Blue Cross Blue Shield, the states' largest health insurance company, paid $25 million to settle allegations that it denied coverage to sick children in need of nursing care by "fraudulently" shifting their claims to the state's Medicaid program.

This is basically a synopsis of what Republicans want everything to be like, in their made scramble to privatize all. Companies get to retain all profits and get to shift the burden of losses or high costs onto taxpayers. It's their same plan time and again.

You can not reason with such people. The Right has lost vital breath... It needs must wither...

the yellow fringe said...

Certainly as the first 50/50 black/white person to be president, it is a great milestone. Of course the black part is the problem in that it is the whole as seen by most of the people who call themselves republican.
I agree with your writings here, but the racist hatred for Obama and his family living in the Whitehouse will not go away when he does. I think in the next 15 years we will see a flood of history books that will appear to be about different people. We see now the tea bags wanting to rewrite histroy in Tennessee and Texas, we see the Reagan and Bush camps trying to create a myth now too. It's easy to see the venom they have for him, he is the personification of the white decline in influence, the coming inevitable sharing of power with other races and religion, it scares hell out of them and we saw their grim panic and angry faces at the state of the union last night.
It is going to take an effort 50 years from now to know who he really was. I hope like hell there are some good honest historians that will get to work on some books, and hopefully they will make it into the libraries, if that is allowed.

Tom Harper said...

I thought Obama's SOTU speech was great. He's always been skilled at giving unifying upbeat speeches that reach out to everybody. But last night he added firmness, a "yeah, make my day" tone that I hadn't heard before. This is what he's needed to do.

And of course he'll need to back up last night's speech with a lot of executive orders and whatever else it will take to get around that giant speed bump that used to be called Congress.

ran said...

I agree with Tom completely. Obama's speech was great. Now it's time for executive orders to do what he can and just start hammering the Republicans on the other things he mentioned that 75%+ of the people want done:

Tax hikes for job offshoring, tax breaks for bringing jobs home, millionaire's tax, payroll tax cut extension, ending oil company subsidies, infrastructure investment, regulating the banks, and getting Congress to do something.

Silverfiddle said...

Normally, a post extolling the virtues of someone would list some accomplishment and supporting informaiton...

Oh that's right. He doesn't have any!

Grung_e_Gene said...


Having already proven Right-Wingers see what they want to see, it would be the height of tomfoolery for me to engage one, even as courteous and intelligent as yourself (although you are completely unreasonable and borderline schizophrenic) in a "normal" dialogue.

But, since "your side" is stuck with the Worst President Ever, it's been a mad dash to create the Alternate Universe. It's not exactly projection or transference or delusions or straw man arguments but a combination of them all with the added element of self-conditioning 'Bush kept US safe on 9/11 Oooooooooohm'. Repeat ad infinitum.

Anyway, once you decide to accept Objectivism and realize as Ayn Rand would put it that A=A, i.e. President Obama=Great we could discuss the level of his greatness.