Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boeing's Welfare They Screw America and Republicans Help

Chicago based Boeing...Wait, why should we call Boeing "Chicago-based"? Yes, they have a nice skyscraper (it won the Structural Engineers Association of Illinois' "Most Innovative" Design Award) located along the River in downtown Chicago which they moved into in 2001. Boeing still retains their sprawling massive facilities along I-5 north of SeaTac International Airport.

But, the reason Boeing moved their International HQ to Chicago was a for millions in a tax dodge. Illinois gave tax breaks for the $170,000,000 million dollar building at 100 North Riverside Plaza and a special rate for their Corporate profits so they can engage in some special bookkeeping because nowadays the thing American Corporate leaders manufacture is legerdemain and accounting tricks to hide and obscure "their" money.

Anyway, one place we know Boeing is definitively not based out off anymore is Wichita, Kansas. On January 4th, Boeing announced it was moving the tanker work out of Kansas to other U.S. plants and closing its Wichita operation next year.
In 2008, Boeing asked Kansas officials to help win a $3.5 billion contract for 18 Air Force tankers. Wichita's Mayor Carl Brewer says Kansas had a long history of coming through for Boeing. In fact, Axelrod notes that Boeing received 650 tax breaks over the last 30 years and $3.5 billion dollars in bonds.
Boeing would have failed if it had to face the Free Market and only exists today as a Company because of the Trillions of dollars it has received in government assistance. Of course, when you're a Corporate Criminal like Boeing getting free money from the government just... isn't... enough... Boeing, the Corporate Criminals, admitted to stealing $644 Million via fraudulent contracts. That would be called stealing if you the regular person did it but a Corporate person named Boeing gets the nomenclature of fraud.

Boeing is a company who could never succeed except for Billions of tax payer assistance. As such, Boeing is basically a middleman. Their Corporate charter should require they abide by the the NLRB and all of the Government's rules but that would be SOCIALISM!


Jolly Roger said...

Socialism for the rich is A-OK, as long as them damn darkies don't get a DIME.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ah yes, billions of dollars for the rich... Well, that's just good government. A couple of bucks to a poor person well that's welfare!

the yellow fringe said...

The Reichwing rep for Wichita is Mike Pompeo, a former owner of a large machine shop, he sold for millions, then bought a company that made oil pumping equipment, he promptly ran to China and found cheap sources for that and so became an importer. He lists his net worth at 200k, shit an average house here is a little over that. Now he is all bent at Boeing for exercising the very play he knows all to well. Fuck the locals, fuck the workers, , milk the local free-be's as long as you can, never look back, have no guilt. You would think he would be happy for Boeing.

Silverfiddle said...

What you describe is not particular to Boeing. Unfortunately, corporate welfare runs rampant, and if you think it's only those wathcally wethuglicans doing it, you are naive.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Okay Silverfiddle, lobbying (a word which used to be called bribes) are corrupting both parties.

But, notice what happened when President Obama and the NLRB pushed back against the criminals at Boeing. The Republican Party en masse, led by Jim DeMint and Nikki Haley and the Right Wing Smear Machine went into overdrive calling Obama a socialist/commie/American hater.

This isn't some abstract both sides do it example. It's a clear cut case of a Criminal Corporation which has the backing and defense of the Republican Party.