Monday, January 16, 2012

The Rich Rule so to be Poor is to be an Unperson

Seeking to cement his Title as President of the Plutocrats Mitt Romney related some of his favorite childhood stories, 'Once daddy told me To Be Rich is To Rule so in order to be as Rich as possible I began a career as a 'Job Cremator' because I like to able Fire, on a whim, the scared miserable plebeians who service me at my lesiure.'

The American Capitalist System is designed to impoverish a vast majority of Americans and enrich a very small few.

And still even so-called left-wing Media Villagers talk of Austerity programs for the Poor and Tax subsidies and bailouts for the Wealthy,
"This is just one piece, getting the money out of politics, the first step. But ultimately what's going to have to happen, and this is my little drumbeat, is that the American people are going to have to let members of congress go to Washington to make the tough decisions. To make the hard calls that are really going to be uncomfortable, maybe even painful," Jonathan Capehart.
Don't expect your Social Security funds to be there people, the 1% want it! You may find it uncomfortable. BUT, THE RICH! WANT! THAT! FUCKING! MONEY!

Medicare and Medicaid? Yeah, those are going away, too. Don't worry the amply rewarded Congress will still have programs they call Medicare it just won't help provide you with Medical Care.

Why would the 1% want programs which they have no need of? The 1% wants No Regulation and is involved in the Greatest Con Game in history, The American Capitalist Model, a system which privitazes profits and socializes losses. Everything else done by the Government is a effrontery.
"Because the education is a government function. Part of it is frankly because we have lousy teachers. Part of the reason we have lousy teachers is we have teachers union that say won't deal with those issues. So there are lots of reasons why education is not being properly handled in this country. But to me if I could think of one thing that would change it, it would be to change our system of education and make sure that our children were properly educated." - Mort Zuckerman,
No, Mort, you are incorrect. "Greedy teachers" are not to blame. They did not create Too-Big-To-Fail and the Military-Industrial-Complex. But, Zuckerman is a Billionaire (147th Richest) so of course he has nothing but animus towards Teachers as they do not properly instruct Americans to genuflect to him and the 1%.

And even if you had a scintillia of hope from your Congress member they're going to be kept in the dark.
On Thursday, the Fed released transcripts of its meetings in 2006, offering a new window into what was on the minds of some of the nation’s top economic and financial thinkers just ahead of the financial crisis and subsequent great recession. The transcripts, which are customarily released after five years, show that Fed leaders, armed with the best economic data available, had little idea of what was looming less than two years off.

Greenspan has acknowledged in recent years that he was “partially” wrong for allowing banks to operate without enough regulation.
The 1% are not content with making profits while paying for expenses like infrastructure or worker pensions. They've been getting their marionettes in Government to funnel them taxpayer dollars to cover the costs of their gambling. All the Corporations and Media talkers who intone the "Free Market" as a mantra actually want Government to cover their costs and provide them welfare.

And the 1% have enough right-wing rubes duped into carrying their banner of Corporate Corruption. Listen to every Tea Party demand, Regulation stifles Job Creation! The Free Market is best instrument for Capitalism! Privatize! Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes! Lower Taxes on Corporations!, they sound as if they were crafted in the criminal boardroom of Goldman Sachs and BP.

I would say all of the policies of Piss Down Your Back and Tell You It's Raining Economicshave failed, except they have not. They have succeeded brilliantly, as they were designed to, in transfer the bulk of the Wealth of Nations upward to the 1%. Since the advent of a Government which responded and aided the 99%, the 1% have been scheming for a Neo-Feudalist Revival.

And on cue, Republicans have explicitly demanded a Return to Feudalism.
New Hampshire House Bill 1580 is the product of a brainstorming session this summer between three freshman House Republicans: Bob Kingsbury of Laconia, Tim Twombly of Nashua and Lucien Vita of Middleton. "All members of the general court proposing bills and resolutions addressing individual rights or liberties shall include a direct quote from the Magna Carta which sets forth the article from which the individual right or liberty is derived."
It's all the part of the Con. It's not just the system of Debt, the Wage Slavery, or the billions-per-second trades by thousands of interconnected servers located physically next to Wall Street to gain that pico-second needed to rig the Stock Market. It's the fact that the Plutocracy has nothing in common and sees no reason to be part of the America populated by the 99%.


jadedj said...

I have nothing to add. I simply wanted to tell you what a superbly thought out and written article this is. Damned spot on!

Brett Cottrell said...

Wow, a Magna Carta reference! A great document...for the 13th century. I knew the republicans wanted to rescind the 20th century, but I didn't know they had their sights on the 14th-19th as well!

Green Eagle said...

I must say, I clicked on the comment button with the same feelings as jadedj. I don't have anything to add because I agree with everything you said. I just wanted to say that you put it beautifully.

P. Curtin said...

After trying (feebly) to watch the gop debates (I'm old, and my stomach didn't completely survive the Bush years), I've realized that Mitt & Co. could campaign on the single platform of THE RICH! WANT! THAT! FUCKING! MONEY!
and the fuckers would vote for them
with holy

the yellow fringe said...

Love what you wrote. The rich will never stop seeking greater advantages over the others, this is human nature, it can't be changed, but it can be fixed. The Japanese have such a high inheritance tax in 3 generations the estate will be eaten up and back in circulation through support programs for people, communities or what ever. The idea is not to prevent the rich from being rich, but make rich people earn it, stop the royalty of wealth which damages the nation.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Thanks for the Comments Everyone! the only thing I have to add is what New Jersey Governor Bada-Bing said about Mitt Romney,

“I don’t think it comes as any great shock because the guy hasn’t been having a job where he’s been getting income over the last number of years.”