Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where in the World are Mitt Romney's Millions?

Spurred on by One Angry Zebra, let's talk about the money Mitt Romney makes as Income. Romney has described his regularly taxed income of over $374,000 dollars as, "I get speaker's fees from time to time, but not very much."

Not Very Much! that's why a $10,000 dollar bet was such a lark to Vulture Romney. His walk in' around monies alone are more than 99% of Americans earn yearly. Mitt still won't reveal how many millions of dollars (20? 50? 100? more?) he has received from Bain Capital as deferred income which gets taxed at 15%. And every more disgusting comes the revelation that Mitt Romney has quietly spirited away millions to the Cayman Islands the one time Tax Haven Du Jour for the 1%. Remember at the end of the Bush Presidency some 52,000 American criminals moved under cover of the Republican White House untold Billions into secret Swiss Bank accounts at UBS.

So, it's not surprising Mitt Romney will not release his tax records because they will show everyone in America the kind of outright thievery Mitt has accomplished and how the Rich have revamped the Tax code to place the burden of the American Government squarely on the middle class and poor.

But, in reality, Mitt Romney's salary of $374,000 for "Speaking Fees" is a pittance amongst the Hedge Fund Vultures, that disgusting cadre of thieves, cutthroats and murderers with whom he associates.

Paul Singer, Steven Schwarzman and Mitt Romney aren't content anymore with merely blowing up American companies and carving off millions from their dead carcass or reaping bonuses just from the fired American workers' salaries. No, these members of the 1%, these butchers and thieves leverage entire Nations to fill their bloated bellies.

These men take hostage entire Nations. Using the WTO or the IMF or powerful international courts these Vultures steal millions in international charitable donations destined for those countries. And with Mitt Romney at the helm of the US, the 1% will be able to carve off the last and sweetest bleeding chunk (Social Security) from the American people pushing the 99% into perpetual Wage Slavery, undoing the last 125 years of struggle and entrenching the Neo-Feudalist Randian Dream State of Plutocratic Domination. Because remember it always comes back to THE RICH! WANT! THAT FUCKING! MONEY!


the yellow fringe said...

When Mittens does release his tax papers it will not show much if any income from the millions in Cayman Island. The reason people put money there is so it will not show up, will not be reported to the IRS, to avoid paying taxes, to hide it from creditors or civil suits. The only way anything will show up on his tax report from investments in the post office box account in Cayman is if he reports it, and that is not the reason you put money down there, No. You do it because you do not want to invest in job creation or growth in the United States or pay for the services and protections the nation provides, you choose to cheat and let others unknowingly pay your share, you do it because you have more in common with the other 1%ers you meet around the world than the citizens of this nation and they all do it so it is the commonly done thing, you do it because you are a coward and money grubbing traitor.

Sarge said...

His refusal to release his tax return and arrogance about his wealth will not play well with
We The REAL People. I have the same problem with my Representaive who is worth $3.18 million - What commomnality does that man share with the average or below average
family man? Rich people consort with rich people and take care of those like them. They don't give a rat's ass about me and you.

Know this, damn it!



Grung_e_Gene said...

As Stephen A. Schwarzman, hedge fund vulture stated when a woman dared to approach him and his man-servant Congressman Paul Ryan during their $700 dollar Pinot Noir Wine Date, "Fuck Her."

That's the Rich view of the 99%.