Saturday, January 21, 2012

Right-Wingers See What they Want to See

Clearly, this is not merely a problem amongst right-wingers, it's human nature to reach preconceived conclusions and then despite any evidence to the contrary cling to those conclusions. I choose righties because the conclusions they have reached concerning many problems facing the US these days are rooted in massive propaganda efforts by very powerful interests.

Conservatives are convinced gay people are self-loathing, atheists are angry, progressives are life-hating. For instance, here are the comments at my right-wing buddy Silverfiddle's blog Western Hero:
It's a revealing peek into the mind of a flamboyant self-loather.

why are Leftists so disgusting and such liars?

There is a strong undercurrent of self-loathing and life-hating in much of progressivism.

By using this to demonize Santorum aren't homosexuals kind of being self-hating? Why would homosexuals hate a frothy mix of lube? That is disgusting and shows how hateful liberal homosexual propagandists can be.
It's not projection. It's not a question of what conservatives believe about themselves. It's a question of what they want to believe about Liberals.

This level of belief about liberals helps support much of the right-wingers thought structure. Since, the GOP was founded by Abolitionists. Then, modern Republicans can't be racist and are the true champions of freedom. It's a great fallacious syllogism which right-wingers eat up.

Conservatives already know the Democrats *is* soft on defense. Ergo, Barack Obama is soft on Defense and mayhap with that name he loves America's enemies? So, it doesn't matter how many children Barack Obama orders incinerated via drone missile attacks or succeeding in getting Osama Bin Laden when George W. Bush failed for 8 years. Or as Senator Jim DeMint put the conservative drone-speak,
"It has been the most anti-business and I consider anti-American administration in my lifetime. Things that are just so anathema to the principles of freedom, and everything he has come up with centralizes more power in Washington, creates more socialist-style, collectivist policies. This president is doing something that’s so far out of the realm of anything Republicans ever did wrong, it’s hard to even imagine."
Nuuuuuuu, Ooooobama bad to business.... Uhhhhhh, Oooobama hate America....

It allows conservatives to similtaneously be outraged to the point of Impeachment towards Bill Clinton while blissfully ignoring or even embracing Newt Gingrich for the same transgressions.

Conservatives have preset ideas, nothing is going to dissaude them. Newt Gingrich is hardly a scion of "family values". He's been married 3 times. Each marriage has some bizarre and messy problems, numerous stories exist that Gingrich cheated mulitple time with numerous woman, but Gingrich is a Republican. So, look as the promenient Right-wingers leap to his defense:

"All it does, Sean, is incentivize conservatives and independents who are so sick of the politics of personal destruction, because it’s played so selectively by media, that their target, in this case Newt, he’s now going to soar even more,” Sarah Palin said. Palin is rather astute here, because Gingrich turned all questions about his rampant infieldity into an attack on The Lamestream Media and it worked.

Dennis Prager noted that Oskar Schindler was a married man with a mistress*.

Racist Limbuagh had to manueuver his ponderous infected asshole to Newt's defense while also employing the Punch-A-Hippie attack,
"Newt's a victim. We all are. Ours is the horniest generation. We were soldiers in the sex revolution. We were tempted by everything from Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice to Plato's retreat, Deep Throat to no fault divorce. Many of us paid the ultimate price."
But, the pièce de résistance has to go to Keith Ablow, employee of Faux News. Ablow's defense of Newt is sublime,
When three women want to sign on for life with a man who is now running for president, I worry more about whether we'll be clamoring for a third Gingrich term, not whether we'll want to let him go after one.
Hussah! One Gingrich Term per Wife!

Unfortunately, what Liberals have to realize is arguing facts with right-wingers is irrelevant. This is far beyond righties blithely looking past Gingrich's infidelity (or Cain's, or Sanford's or Larry Craig). It's far beyond IOIYAR. It's about the human condition. Once a person reaches a conclusion it is very hard to unseat them. And the the Very Powerful people who control the Right-Wing have been spending massive amounts of time and money pumping their rubes full of propaganda. We can see now that it has worked. The Right has fully embraced an Alternate Reality.
*- Prager actually used Schindler as a defense of Herman Cain.


Libs are whinners said...

you couldn't squeeze into Silverfiddle's shoes with a shoehorn.
You liberal putz!

Silverfiddle said...

Funny you should bang on about Gingrich, I don't even like the guy, and have said as much at my blog.

I also tire of hearing about family values from these people. They need to focus on their own damned families, or better yet, the constitution.

My blog post was about one hateful man who made an un-funny joke. I did not include all gay people in my characterization of that one person.

And there is a strong undercurrent of self-loathing in much of progressivism. Calling people weeds, stealing land from the poor in pursuit of green energy fields, abortion...

One Fly said...

And it works real good. The best one is how the media causes all the problems for the crazy's on the right.

Grung_e_Gene said...

I won't let you get away with your assertion "My blog post was about one hateful man" Silverfiddle since in your blog comments you clearly or perhaps lazily allowed it to include "much of progressivism".

As to abortion, I will not comment on Karen Santorum and the tragedy which happened during one of her pregnancies. But, her husband's stated policy goals clearly indicate he would get the Government involved in other families struggling with such a terrible time.

Also Libs are whinners provides evidence my blog post is correct by his very blogger id. And his assertion is, most likely, correct as I have size 14 shoes...

toma said...

Whinning, bitch.

Patricia said...

Wasn't Gingrich censured and fined while he was Speaker of the House? Why doesn't anyone bring that up? I can't believe the jackasses in S.C. voted for any of those idiots.But all the better for us. If Gingrich wins the GOP nomination,the Repugs don't stand a chance.

Silverfiddle said...

"Much of progressivism..."

It's true. Progressives stand for the state over individual liberties.

Gang Green's global land grab for biofuels, running poor brown people off of their land is just the latest example.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ridiculous Silverfiddle.

Your ability to ascribe the actions of the Petroleum Pigs to everyone else is sublime. If the Koch Brothers aren't paying you they should be. Hit them up for a job, you obviously can carry the water for the Oil Scum.

Also, have fun voting for Gingrich. I know you're gonna swallow that turd after he wins the Republicon Nomination.

Patricia yes Gingrich was hit up for a $300,000 ethics penalty THE MOST IN CONGRESSIONAL HISTORY, Gingrich is the worst Congressman ever. That is quite an accomplishment!

the yellow fringe said...

It matters little who wins the Reichwingers millionaire popularity contest, they will all see what they want to see in the winner and the excitement about his many houses or tiffany purchases will add to the aura. Yes see what they want to see, and they want to see is their oligarch live in splendor, accessible only to them, to shine and glitter among them, as a diamond in a goats ass.

Will Rogers said, "no one ever made a million dollars honestly".