Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Remember When?

Remember when the Dixie Chicks were vilified, pilloried and threatened with death for daring to state "We're embarrassed Bush is from Texas?"

Remember when Anti-War protesters, over two-thirds of the American people, were told "So?" and their patriotism was questioned and it was said again and again questioning the President in a time of 'War' was tantamount to Treason and was helping Al Qaeda kill American Soldiers?

Remember when the loathsome General Betrayus Ad by was indicative of each and every Liberal and Progressive?

Now then, do you Remember when it all changed?

Do you remember the last 24 months of Fox News, Republican backed attacks on Barack Obama's familiy, his heritage, his birth, his religion, his children, his wife? Do you remember when they questioned his "Terrorist fist jab", his "palling around with Doe-Mess-Tick Terrorists", when they called him secular socialist, marxist muslim, hitler, stalin, lenin? Do you remember the watermelons on the white house lawn, the Obama the Witch Doctor, and the numerous blatantly overt racist images?

Do you remember when General Petraeus stated the virulent anti-islamic hatred unleashed by the racist Republicans and Conservatives would cause the deaths of American Soldiers and the Conservative movement couldn't care less so they continued to whip up religious hatred and intolerance in New York City and at church pulpits?

What President Obama's election has done is lay bare the vicious deep seated racism in the Conservative movement. The Rich Plutocratic cock stroking Teabaggers who control the Republican Party have unleashed the most evil and hateful campaign of political destruction on the American People for the sole purpose of reinstalling a puppet in the White House (most likely, George W. Bush with bigger tits and a smaller brain) through whom they can continue to cement their control of the Nation and make America's income gap bigger than every nation in Central and South America.

Flabby conservative Chicken Hawk Erick Erickson attacks General Petraeus.

It was Worth It... [Disaffected and It Feels So Good]


Grung_e_Gene said...

Remember when the Tea Baggers protested Republican spending as they now say "Oh I was against Bush's economic 'malfeasance' just like now?"

Yeah that's what I thought...


I remember Gene.

Liberality said...

They are the biggest group of hypocrites ever unleashed. How can they look themselves in the mirror each day is beyond me. They see and know only want they want to and that is all. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Lisa said...

"The Fort Hood Incident is Bush's fault after all Bush did the outreach to Muslims and had 8 years to figure out the dangers posed by Muslims but choose not (too)." s/b "to"

Glad to see you finally admit that Muslims pose a danger.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Well Hello Lisa! Of course, Religions are the most evil invention of mankind ever.

Now will you join me in my goal of having the tax exempt status (which can be found nowhere in the Constitution) removed from every religious group?

Lisa said...

But then that means no one should have tax exempt status then. Where is it in the Constitution for any organization?
Also in the Constitution bills have to be voted on. I don't see anything there were votes can be paid for or bribed for a vote.
But I am sure you would say or where citzens can be forced to buy a service from the government.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Necessary and Proper Clause.

Lisa said...

so it's up for discretion?

Green Eagle said...

Where can citizens be "forced" to buy a service from the government?

How about when they pay local and state taxes in return for the services of the police and fire departments, or the service of having roads to drive around in and garbage taken away?

Are you a sufficiently dishonest "libertarian" as to advocate a system of voluntary payment for those services, without being willing to admit what kind of life we would end up with?