Monday, September 20, 2010

We the Teabaggers and Conservatives plan Pogroms

in Order to destroy a more perfect Union, establish Injustice, insure Domestic Terrorism, provide for the conservative defense, promote christian Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves (White/Heteronormative/christians) and our Plutocratic Overlords...

With 6 weeks until the 2010 elections, the Teabaggers are lifting their masks and have let America know what they plan to do with election victories. First and foremost will be the immediate investigations of President Obama. It will merely be an extension of the unceasing campaign begun by the Right, trumpeted by Sarah Palin and Fox News and funded by Rich Plutocratic Assholes. Conservatives believe (probably correctly) that by engaging in constant non-stop screeching, loud-mouthed lying and demagogic vitriol on TV and Radio and in print and the Internet, good honest Americans will relent and give them election victories just to shut them up. It's bullying and verbal abuse by punk ass bitch conservatives.

But, the Tea Party has admitted that economic concerns are a pretext and that Fundamental Transformation of the American Society is and always has been their driving force. So the Teabagger Morality Commandos are out in full force. First is getting rid of the Usurper in the White House. It's called a White House for a reason. But, after starting the Obama Lynching Parade, the conservatives have several pogroms in line.

No abortions for anyone. Ever. No abortions, doesn't matter. If a woman is carrying the child of a violent rapist, doesn't matter. If the woman's fetus is suffering from severe birth defects, doesn't matter. No abortions and then afterwards no aid for the struggling woman forced by conservative zealots to give birth.

Homosexuality will be outlawed. This is a standard plank in the GOP platform. But, since I'm not homosexual I won't say anything when religious zealots and conservative bigots round up and murder gay people.

Obama's Healthcare Reform, Social Security, Medicare and Unions will be privatized abolished. This is the most perplexing as Republicans make no effort to hide their hatred of poor and sick people and these programs and organizations provide power to the powerless in America. Republicans want Americans to work until they're 70, without any health coverage, recourse if they are injured, and without a safety net and once Americans have used up the flower of their youth in back breaking labor for the Rich, Republicans having abolished Social Security want old people to die. Republicans routinely call sick , poor and old people stray animals, and liken them to burned down buildings.

All along the way this Oppressive Agenda of Intolerance and Bigotry will be championed by Glenn Beck, R. Limbaugh and the Toxic Commentators. They will warn the conservatives of the progressive scourge, of the liberal enemy at the heart of the Republic of the homosexual agenda which would cause God to remove his blessings from America and invite our destruction. And that will make all the murders and conservative terrorism okay for their violence will be washed clean in the blood of jesus christ.

At first conservatives didn't feel comfortable in openly indulging in their plans to oppress and incarcerate gays, enslave minorities and conduct pogroms against progressives but they've let slip their goals for America upon gaining power. Conservatives choose power over principle and elections over ethics. Conservative victory in this election is going to mean the power of the Federal Government is going to be used to oppress, enslave and kill Americans.

And for the conservative scum who immediately spam blogs with I demand evidence comments:
A Pig Fucking conservative staffer working for Chicken Hawk Saxby Chambliss is the source of a threatening gay slur, "All faggots must die", which came from a computer at Senator Chambliss office [Rawstory].

To Disgusting Republican Mike Huckabee, sick persons are like homes which have burned down. "It sounds so good, and it's such a warm message to say we're not gonna deny anyone from a preexisting condition. Well, no preexisting conditions." [Talking Points Memo]. Got that? Property is more important than People and If you were Wealthy you'd be Healthy. Otherwise the Republicans message to Americans is: give me your tired, your sick, your poor and watch as We let them Die.


Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I'm tired of being nice to these tea bagging bastards Gene. They have no honor. Millions of ignorant sheep begging to be sheared by Newt and Dick and the Koch brothers.

They demand Homosexuality be outlawed then ironically beg their right wing, tea bagging masters to bury it even deeper into the collective ass of America.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Poor Rich White Guys:

Todd Henderson a Law Professor at University of Chicago, blogged on how hard it would be to have his taxes increased, as you see he and his wife (a Doctor) make a combined income over $250,000.

The blog post now long since deleted (although google cached for all time) is a perverse whining of the entitled, my nanny, my lawn service, my children's private schools, my $15,000+ a year property taxes...

And it shows what middle class and working class people are up against. Money they have it they want more and they are willing to watch you suffer and die to ensure they get it.