Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Wicked Conservative Witch of the East, Christine O'Donnell

"They always win," he said softly and bitterly after a while. "The bastards, they always bloody win." - The Dogs of War, Fredrick Forsyth.
The Sarah Palin of the East, Christine O'Donnell, is spectacular. Her views and beliefs are so lacking in understanding, so ignorant, so uninformed, so religiously warped as to require years of psychiatric counseling. But, as is their wont the Republicans merely desire another vote no matter the lack of substance. However, O'Donnell is a thief. She's used campaign funds for personal benefit and expenses, just like her idol the Queen Wicked Conservative Witch Sarah Palin. But It's Okay she's a Republican!

O'Donnell not only has the lack of ethics and criminal past like Sarah Palin, she has the vacant look and stilted speech patterns of the Cadre of Conservative Wicked Witches Palin, Michele Bachmann, Marsha Blackburn, Virginia Foxx and Sharon Angle. Palin and Bachmann, most likely, with their mangled words, choppy deliveries and inability to process language, have learning disabilities and it's a testament to the ability of public school teachers that they manage to operate.

And the Queen Wicked Witch of the North Sarah Palin has advised her nominal protege to only speak through Fox News. And why not? Fox is a one-stop shop in which Conservatives can receive a salary, softball interviews and as much time as needed to expound their scripted anti-Middle Class, anti-Poor Plutocratic Talking Points.

But, despite all the rigamarole the Tea Party is nothing more than an attempt to quicken the Republican Party. It's controlled by the same Republican Operatives and it's fueled by the same agenda as it has been for the last 80 years. The telling and salient point is the clear fact that almost every Tea Party candidate are lawyers or career politicians who have never had a real job and have never done a day's worth of real labor.

Here in Illinois the 8th District Tea Party nominee is William "Joe" Walsh running against somewhat Democrat Melissa Bean. Walsh is a teacher (+1) and has worked helping disadvantaged children in Chicago (+1) but has morphed into a career politician having run for office in 1996 and 1998. Back in the 90's, he attempted to distance himself from his Colonial Master Newt Gingrich and the 1994 Republican Bigots by claiming to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. But, all of sudden now he's troubled by Government and Walsh has joined and proudly acknowledges the Tea Party so either his claims of being socially liberal were a lie then or now. Joe Walsh also has some shady background aspects as his Illinois Driver's License has been suspended at least once.

It's the same with Christine O'Donnell. She has run for office over and over and over. And she has said things either for shock value "blood soaked satanic altar" or to buttress her bigoted intolerant christian dominionist beliefs. But, the Teabaggers are dupes, imbeciles and hypocrites.

IOKIYAR. And so it goes...

Of the Tea Party candidates who spoke at the 2010 CPAC, Marco Rubio a favorite Tea bagger went into politics as soon as he was done with law school. Tim Pawlenty, the beloved Dark Horse Republican candidate for President, has had a Government job since 1988. So according to Tea Bag logic he's been unemployed for 22 years since the Government doesn't create jobs. And isn't the lack of military service and being a DC Lawyer and career politician what the Tea Party claims is wrong with Democrats and Washington DC?

And so it goes... the Tea Baggers are being used by the Republicans. Certainly they will make inroads and get a few maybe even several dozen candidates elected for a term or three but it will all end the same. The Republicans will hem and haw push an occasional social issue to the forefront but never get around to outlawing gay marriage or abortions while ensuring the Agenda of the Koch Brothers and the Other Moneyed Masters of the Nation dominates and destroys the Working and Middle Class.

And so it goes...

"Evolution is a myth! Well then why aren't monkeys still evolving into humans?" Christine O'Donnell, Republican Expert on Everything.

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Jolly Roger said...

Some of these Klanservatives will win. Most of them will only win once. The "Lamest Generation" base of greedy white racist Jesusistanis that the Rushpubliscum Party depends on will continue to be a smaller and smaller sliver of the population.