Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jet Blue blames the Government for their failures

Record Cold has hampered all manner of travel and business throughout the Nation. Hit especially hard have been airline flights.

More than 400 JetBlue flights were canceled Monday, with another 120 flight cancellations on Tuesday, airline officials stated.

JetBlue didn't blame the weather. JetBlue didn't blame complications which come from arctic cold and huge snow falls. JetBlue didn't blame their lack of preparation. JetBlue didn't blame their failure to hire enough pilots, flight crews, and ground staff. Nope, JetBlue blamed the Government.
"In the midst of us repairing those schedules disrupted by this week's winter storms, we're facing an additional challenge as new FAA rules went into effect for crew rest," JetBlue spokeswoman Tamara Young said. "These rules further impact our ability to operate an already disrupted schedule, causing our pilots to 'time out' even sooner. As a result, additional cancellations are likely to occur as we work to reset the operation."
The FAA announced the final details of the minimum rest period for pilots in December 2011 so JetBlue had 2 years to deal with suspected problems but, why do that when instead they can just blame the FAA.

This has been the brilliant ploy of Corporations for decades. Their fuck-ups and failures are actually the fault of Government! If only the Government allowed JetBlue to fly pilots with no sleep flight after flight after flight these planes would have magically taken off on time. Damn Government Regulations!!! 

And with Republicans constantly hammering their plans of Deregulation and Privatization it's only a matter of time before Republicans convene Congressional hearing to blame Obama for the Cold weather and apologize to JetBlue for interfering in their private business affairs.


ChickenHammer said...

That makes no sense. JetBlue blaming government regulations for missing their schedule is as flimsy an excuse as the crack dealer blaming government regulations for his (or her) arrest. It's outrageous I'll tell you!

Grung_e_Gene said...


I know, right?!? It's exactly like Banks and Wall Street selling junk mortgages, toxic assets and rat-shit burgers to millions of Americans, pensioners and low-income home buyers but claiming they were AAA rated commodities and then blaming Government when their reckless illegal gambling scheme and accounting legerdemain exploded!

ChickenHammer said...

Most of us are fine skipping the rat-shit burgers. More power to you if that's your thing. :)

Leo Knight said...

Since most conservatives have long ago stopped questioning the assertions of their authorities, this has become the standard excuse for all corporate fraud, incompetence, malfeasance, etc. It requires no thought, just a Pavlovian drool reflex. Also, since most conservatives hypocritically prescribe 'personal responsibility' to others, but take none themselves, "gubmint made me do it" makes the perfect dodge.