Sunday, January 26, 2014

Joe Walsh rushes to defend Dinesh D'souza One Adulterer aids Another

Former Congressman Joe Walsh who did nothing during his 2 years in Congress except for claiming he got President Obama elected, yelling at uppity female Postal Employees who dared question him and wondered why American Jews don't love Israel has rushed to defend D'inesh D'Souza

Wow... Joe Walsh just discovered the second favorite quote conservatives love to overuse in the hyperbole of Obama=Hitler.

Conservatives have been trotting out their bastardized versions of Pastor Martin Niemöller famous poem throughout President Obama's tenure.

At least this is a real one most of the "quotes" right-wingers love to recite happen to be complete fabrications which sound so correct to conservatives because they're the ones making them up.

When Joe Walsh was my Congressman I used to write him asking him to do "something" about the plummeting home prices and massive number of foreclosed homes in his congressional district. Walsh never replied to my requests. Of course, I found out that Walsh an Adulterer and Deadbeat Dad was in court trying to explain that his Congressional Salary of $174,000 with free taxpayer funded healthcare he was still too poor to pay the $117,000 he owed in back child support. I suppose he was tried of hearing the crap about the Banks causing the Great Republican Recession.

Dinesh is a well known liar, adulterer, and now criminal (i.e. he's a Conservative). Dinesh has been sucking off wingnut welfare for a long time now, after this leftist persecution he'll be able to join the pantheon of Wingnut Heroes like domestic terrorist, chicken hawk child raping Ted Nugent.

Former Governor Bob McDonnell who besides taking hundreds of thousands of dollars of graft while Governor of Virginia also managed to shove through Mandatory Rape Wand legislation.

As always But but but OBAMA!!!1!1! is the first cry of the right-wing wimps every time they get caught in their crimes. Conservatives would be a fucking cosmic joke if they weren't causing so much oppression and destruction to the country.


Andrew Acista said...

Those who disrespect our president deserve to be jailed. Let D'souza rot.

toma said...

Yes D'Souza is a target of ours. We really needed to take out the ineffectual fantasist who couldn't even manage to hold on to his velveteen sinecure. He got paid ridiculous sums of money to shirk, and all he had to do was avoid embarrassing the bosses. He failed. Now he might go to jail for a ridiculously stupid attempt to dodge campaign law. Campaign law, ferchrissakes. Forrest Gump feels sorry for this guy.

Andrew Acista said...

Yeah, yeah, and all that other stuff too. D'souza violated campaign law and disrespected President Obama. Disrespecting the president shall not be accepted. D'souza deserves life without.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Yes, Dinesh is like a 3 year old who found Ronnie Raygun's pistol fo conservative bullshit lying about and harmed lots of people with it and now he's gone and shot himself in the foot.

Andrew, Dinesh is a liar. And was a well-paid liar to advance right-wing bs, but life in prision for lying? Ooof are you really this tough on crime?

"Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him [The President] or any one else" - Teddy Roosevelt, 7 May 1918