Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Here's a Warning Shot: Guns "Save" Lives but, Bullets Don't

Thanks to ALEC, the NRA, and Gun Maniacs have ensured that every minor scuffle and verbal argument is going to become a shooting or worse a gun fight.

The latest Hero of the Second Amendment, Curtis Reeves, gunned down texting bad guy Chad Oulson when their argument reached the stage of Loud Voice and Red Face. Just as the NRA wants; someone disrespects you? BLAM! Some elderly alzheimer patient flouting your Commands? BLAM! Somebody using your driveway to turn around? BLAM! Someone texting during the previews? BLAM!

Of course, there have been Two School Shootings and hundreds more shot across the Country in the week since Reeves murdered Oulson.

In the wake of the Florida Movie texter murder, the NRA, ALEC and Gun Lunatics are not pausing to reconsider their ideas but are pushing forward so that Total Unrestrained and Unrestricted Gun Violence is the "Law" of the Land.

The NRA's paid Republicans are now pushing for Warning Shots and Aggressive Weapon Displays and Flagrant Flagging to be lawfully protected activities in Florida. The ignorance of what bullets actually do when fired just proves again that Gun Lunatics, who routinely accuse gun control advocates of not understanding weapons, are the ones who don't understand the tools in their possession.

Radio Host and former Faux News token liberal Alan Colmes recently interviewed South Carolina Senate candidate Lee Bright and asked Bright if Teachers should have "machine guns". Bright responded that a teacher "protecting school grounds" should carry whatever "she" can.

When asked specifically if that meant "machine guns", Bright responded, "The Second Amendment is pretty clear. It says the right to carry arms should not be infringed... I don’t see how the government can regulate it."

The levels of gasp-inducing ignorance exhibited by Gun Lunatics posing as Legislators is frightening. Bright is so encapsulated in his epistemic closure he can't "see how the government can regulate it" [i.e. guns]. Well, Mister Bright the Constitution is Not a Suicide Pact. Just because you want teachers patroling schools with Squad Automatic Weapons doesn't mean WE, the PEOPLE do.

But, this is the way Gun Maniacs always frame the issue. Second Amendment! Freedom! Protecting Schools! Ask them for details about where Teachers weapons will be stored during the school day, what level of training a teacher will undergo and whom exactly will pay, how many clearing barrels and gun safes the school will have, what kind of sling the gym teacher will use since he can't have a belt holster with his athletic shorts and how many "accidental discharge" casaualties are acceptable to the NRA and Pro-Gun Violence Republicans and you'll get no answer other than an angry denunciation of Gun-Grabbers!!! 

As Ultra-Reactionary thinking has been thrust upon the Nation and endlessly championed by paid shills of the Plutocracy, these extremist positions, where Republican Senate Candidate Bright or Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia just do not possess the range of thought and can't figure out how to keep RPGs and SAWs off the streets because Derp! Second Amendment! become more entrenched in the emotive recesses of the hermetically sealed right-wing brain.

But, this is what the NRA wants. They want people shooting and murdering each other with Guns. They want people going everywhere armed, ready to shoot at whatever goes bump in the night. Be it their 14 year old step-daughter or the mad delusions of their unconscious minds. They want a Nation consumed by Unrestricted Gun Violence.


ChickenHammer said...

Without knowing all the facts of the story here's what I've come to understand.

Retired police officer, Curtis Reeves, got angry with Chad Oulson, the deceased, over his texting during the movie previews. Reeves sought but was unable to get assistance from theater staff and returned to the theater agitated and started a fight with the victim.

If that's what the facts really are then there is no way Reeves, a retired police officer, can claim self defense. A fight's instigator has waived their right to claim self defense.

No warning shots. Too many idiots don't seem to understand how stupid it is to fire a warning shot. On par with the "Why couldn't they just shoot the gun out of his hand?" idiots.

ChickenHammer said...

Indiana police chief "accidentally" shoots self. This is the second time this man has "accidentally" shot himself; maybe it's time to take his guns away.

Grung_e_Gene said...

In Illinois, the ability to fire a "warning shot" exists with a large caveat. Discharging a firearm towards another person even though no intent exists to kill or inflict great bodily harm is still considered the Use of Deadly Force.

Additionally, under our Use of Force laws, the George Zimmerman Doctrine is not a justififed use of Force;
The justification described in the preceding Sections of this Article is not available to a person who:
(b) Initially provokes the use of force against himself, with the intent to use such force as an excuse to inflict bodily harm upon the assailant;

Jerry Critter said...

The purpose of the gun manufacturers is to sell as many guns a possible.

The purpose of the NRA is to collect as much money as possible from the gun manufacturers.

Neither the gun manufacturers nor the NRA give a shit about the 2nd amendment. It is simply a means to accomplish their purposes.

Patricia said...

Like I've said before, we have a very well armed populace. I hope Congresscritters think twice before taking away food stamps and other benefits. Seems like bullets are even cheaper than food. When the government tells us to eat cake, it may well be that those guns will turn on the people who refuse to regulate them. Food for thought.

the yellow fringe said...

Well didn't the dead guy throw popcorn? Well?

Dervish Sanders said...

I'm in agreement with Jerry... it's all about the Benjamins. Read that article you linked to, and it is an astounding tale of quid pro quo... FL senator Greg Evers and NRA have quite a history of doing "favors" for each other.