Monday, December 9, 2013

Undying War Criminal Dick Cheney says If You Were Wealthy You'd Be Healthy

If you're Poor there's the Door.

Dick Cheney is both the best and worst example of what Socialized Government Healthcare can do for people. Without the access to U.S. Socialized Medical care for his flabby, large-waisted chicken hawk ass, Cheney would have been uninsurable due to his repeated heart attacks and dead. 

As an undying war criminal Cheney is back to emitting his noisome neocon rhetoric into the Right-Wing Echo Chamber where it'll be sucked up and lovingly regurgitated by right-wing nut jobs.

"The same people that brought us ‘you can keep your insurance if you want’ are telling us they’ve got a great deal in Iran with respect to their nuclear program. I don’t believe it." - Dick Cheney

Of course, Dick Cheney doesn't like Obama's Masterful Diplomatic Manuevers with Iran, he wants War. Because Cheney's made massive profits off of wars which other Americans will fight in and suffer from but which will never place Cheney or his family in danger.

Why exactly is Dick Cheney who loafed around for 40 years in Government, but not in the military because of his 5 Vietnam War Deferments, a font of reputable knowledge? Even his vaunted private sector work experience was merely the selling of high-level access to Government contacts and the negotiating of government backed contracts. Dick Cheney is an unqualified lazy socialist bum who has lived his whole life getting paid to "work" with the Federal Government.

Of course, the You can keep it "controversey" is another right-wing nothing-burger. Similar to the You didn't build it bs the Republicans tried to gin-up with the help of the epistemic closure of the conservative thought-process.

Meanwhile, in multiple US States under the tyrannical control of Reactionary Republican Governors or Legislatures, millions of Americans are being denied coverage under Obamacare because Right-Wing Fascists refused to set up exchanges or accept the Medicaid expansion.

The Republican Health Care Plan continues to be If You are Poor and get Sick --- Die Quickly.

Of course, just passively undermining Obamacare isn't good enough for the Ultra-Reactionary American Right in their quest to oppress and subjugate the 99%.

From The BradBlog, we learn that in California Republicans sent out mailers funded by taxpayer money which directed Californians to a anti-Obamacare fake site;
Rather than the official website, the new mailers direct the recipient to, a bogus Republican site which, though attempting to appear to be the official CA health care exchange site, doesn't actually provide the ability to shop for or purchase policies. 
"Though it launched in August," ABC News reports, "the site made waves this week after a number of GOP Assembly members sent out mailers to their constituents, highlighting the page as a 'resource guide' for information on the Affordable Care Act." 
The deceptive, publicly funded mailers sent by the self-described "fiscal conservatives" cost CA taxpayers $77,496, according to the Star's public records request. The money, they report, came from the state Assembly's "taxpayer-funded operating budget." 
Since the fraud was exposed, the LA Times reports, the GOP site has added some links to the official CA health care site. The original site, according to Karoli at Crooks and Liars who helped expose the scam, included "links to negative articles and twisted messages intended to sour people on signing up for health insurance before they ever land at the official health exchange site."


Jerry Critter said...

Dick Cheney is an example of what is wrong with both government and business.

ChickenHammer said...

Of course, the You can keep it "controversey" is another right-wing nothing-burger. Similar to the You didn't build it bs the Republicans tried to gin-up with the help of the epistemic closure of the conservative thought-process.

A right wing nothing burger? oBama said on multiple occasions that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor and that if you like your current health insurance you can keep you current health insurance. oBama even went as far a verbally punctuating those promises. oBama lied and too many people either don't care and or are making excuses for it.

oBamaCare will not be exempt from economic discrimination. The people with the most money will get the best care, think concierge care, and the people with the least money will get the worst care, think hours long waits at the clinic. It's not right but it's how the human nature works.

I just read the Brad Blog story on the shenanigans perpetrated by four California Assembly members. Wasting tax money is bad. If we could cut the fraud, waste, and abuse out of the government we could easily cut taxes in half. But with that said, is it really such a bad thing that they steered people away from a broken system with extensive security problems?

Grung_e_Gene said...


Government isn't the Problem. Republicans in Government is the Problem.

But, always remember IOKIYAR! Theft, derelection of duty, violating the Constitution, 9/11, lying pish-shaw!!! If you are an Ultra-Reactionary Right-Winger it's always acceptable.