Monday, December 30, 2013

Jim Oberweis uses his Government position to make money for his Business

Illinois State Senator Jim Oberweis is mad that the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has not raised the speed limit in and around Chicago to 70mph.

Oberweis said he was upset that IDOT, which had the authority to draw up the speed limit map, left unchanged the 55-mph speed limit across virtually all of the Chicago region

"It's just clear that they (IDOT) are disregarding the will of the people." Oberweis said, adding that the interstates are designed to handle vehicles traveling 70 mph and speed limits were set at that level before the federal government imposed a national 55-mph limit in 1974. That limit was scrapped in 1995, and states across the U.S. have been raising highway speed limits since then.

Of course, Oberweis has a massive dairy production and retail corporation which relies heavily upon the Illinois infrastructure for the distribution of his product. Oberweis also distributes to Wisconsin and Indiana.

Oberweis said he will try to bring his push for 70-mph Chicago-area speed limits to the legislature and may settle on a 65-mph limit.

And the damage to roadways, necessary improvements and construction well those costs will be borne by the taxpayer.

Of course, earlier this month Oberweis voted to steal Teacher Pensions and violate the contracts signed by other Illinois Public employees. Oberweis called the Pension Theft a "step in the right direction" but was worried, "There is no guarantee that the money saved by these reforms will actually be used to pay down debt, instead of being used for new programs." Paying down the debt means transferring taxpayer money to Corporations.

When it comes to making him money Oberweis will use all the power of his Government position to advance his private corporation. Jim Oberweis is planning a run for the U.S. Senate so that he can make taxpayers from across the Nation pay to maintain his Corporation.

This is just another example of American Capitalism, Profits are Privatized and Costs are Socialized.

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