Friday, December 13, 2013

Obama's Selfie-Gate, the Sexy Danish Prime Minister and Ronald Reagan's Pro-Apartheid Beliefs

Okay this one confuses me.

Seeing as Pamela Gellar, Erik Rush, Larry Klayman, and Jerome Corsi have definitively proven that Barack Obama is actually a homosexual who gay muslim married an Indonesian Man and then had him murdered by Jeremiah Wright's thugs in order to fake marry Michelle Obama, what is he doing massively flirting with the Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt?

Ah, but I forget I'm dealing with the Right-Wing Fart Bubble of Internet Fact by Incestuous Amplification.

And this proves, to them, many troupes they've been parading around; Michelle Obama as the militant angry black woman and Barack Obama as the over-sexed Black Man coming for the White Women,

The Right loves to photoshop so I'm waiting for President Obama pasted into Birth of Nation (1915) as one of the depraved Ni[clang]s coming for the white women.

What this is about is the unceasing effort of the Right to run negative stories about President Obama everyday. It doesn't even matter if the photographer Roberto Schmidt who took the pictures that Conservatives latched onto in promotion of Selfie-Gate wrote everything has been misconstrued and taken out of context.
"I guess it’s a sign of our times that somehow this image seemed to get more attention than the event itself," Schmidt wrote.
Conservatives chum the water with these anti-Obama stories for several reasons. It fuels the Right-Wing grift machine and it helps their effort to create Obama Fatigue Syndrome. The Right successfully created such a furor during Bill Clinton's Presidency in order to get Americans so frustrated that they would vote for a Republican in order to stop the flow of right-wing bullshit outrage.

But, additionally, in regards to Nelson Mandela the Right needed to shift the focus away from the despicable actions of Republicans during Mandela's imprisonment and Conservatives total acceptance and promotion of the Racist Apartheid South African Government.

Liz Cheney, the spawn of undying War Criminal Dick Cheney, who only is alive because her birth was one of the five deferments Dick sought to chicken hawk out of Vietnam and who is now looking to steal her way into the US Senate, wrote in 1988 that attempting to end the South African Apartheid State would be bad for American Business and statements from Americans condemning South Africa were useless and "Those eager to make such statements should realize that, frankly, nobody's listening."

Dick Cheney himself steadfastly called Nelson Mandela a "Terrorist" even as late as the Right-Wing Theft of the Presidency in 2000, when Dick appointed himself Vice President.

But, of course the cream of the conservative crap is none other than Ronald Reagan, that mentally-addled, muslim terrorist-loving, cut-and-run Chickenhawk, tax-raising, Soviet coddling, war criminal, destroyer of the Social Safety Net, quisling of the Rich, and tool of the Plutocrats, went further.

In 1986, when the US Congress voted to sanction South Africa, Ronald Reagan vetoed the sanctions. However, Congress over rode the Veto and imposed the Sanctions, which went a long way towards eliminating the Apartheid State and freeing Nelson Mandela.

Ronald Reagan was against this because he was pro-Apartheid and hated Nelson Mandela.

So, by focusing on Selfie-Gate and President Obama's handshake with President Raul Castro, Right-Wingers are able to do what they always do, draw the focus away from their despicable past actions, fuel the conservative outrage machine and dupe Americans into forgetting that Republicans are always on the wrong side of history.


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Good stuff! You need to do editorials for newpapers. Me, I am less subtle and a lot more vicious.
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toma said...

Ronaldus was the real first black president - at least that's what his son Michael says. Of course, he's crazy as a shithouse bat. But just because someone accuses black folks of being welfare queens, employs the Southern Strategy to get elected, supports Apartheid, calls Martin Luther King a communist and gets voted against by that same group about 10:1 doesn't mean he's a . . well yes, yes it does mean he's a racist.