Friday, October 12, 2012

Mighty Joe Biden crushes Paul 90X Ryan

Lyin' Ryan was handled in the debate. And Vice President Biden did it with a smile and a laugh, "That's a bunch of malarkey."

Of course, whiny Conservatives complained that Vice President Biden smiled and laughed too much while beating up Paul Ryan. "I think the way the vice president handled himself was condescending,” said Reprenstative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah). Waaa Waaaaa Waaaaaaa! 

As soon as Republicans and conservatives began complaining that Biden was smirking and interrupting Ryan it was obvious Biden had won handily. When your guy gets crushed you make excuses and complain about the behavior of your opponent. Boo-Fucking-Hoo conservative wimps.

And this is only way Ryan and Romney need to be treated. Republican Lies, errr, "ideas" need to be treated with disdain and laughter because they are evil and ignorant.

Paul Ryan came off as a baby-ish backwater, po-dunk, cultish rube. Ryan's entire career has been pampered existence as Ryan has been swaddled in the safety of wing-nut taxpayer funded welfare for 20 years. Ryan has never had to face a confident, intelligent, well-versed opponent and it showed. 

Like his cultish P90X exercises of choice, which don't provide real-world applicable strength they just make you good at doing P90X exercises, Ryan's ideas have always been met with sychophantic echo-chamber agreement, leaving him weak when his ideas have to be tested in the marketplace of ideas.

Ryan's ideas don't provide any functionable strength, they merely look good to the Plutocratic Moocher Class.
Let’s make this country a tax shelter... Lowering tax rates at a broader base of income brings in more revenues and would help us close our fiscal gap.
Never forget when Republicans talk about "broadening the tax base" they meant to broaden the backs of the Middle Class and Poor to provide the base for further tax cuts for the Plutocrats. And that is exactly what Romney-Ryan Tax Plan plans to do Increase Taxes on the Middle Class and give $5 Trillion to the Rich.

Oh boo-hoo the conservative punditry are in full cry-baby mode
"That condescending, smirking, laughing — it was akin to Gore’s sigh.” - Mary Matalin 
"Biden is at risk of having his laugh come across like Gore’s sighs. He should knock it off!" - Ari Fleischer.
The ironic thing about comparing Biden's annhilation of Paul 90X last night to Gore's Debate performance in 2000, is that Al Gore won that Election.


the yellow fringe said...

Doesn't anyone see repubs strategy for vouchers goes like this, "OK old farts, we won't change your program cause you like it and it works so well, but together lets hate anyone else getting in on it, lets fuck your kids out of it, please vote in possibly this last election you'll be alive for to make changes you'll not be around to see."

Grung_e_Gene said...

I think many people do yellow fringe. The Right-Wingers are banking that the Me Generation is peopled with just enough I Got Mine Screw You-ers to make the election close enough for them to steal it.

toma said...

"Biden is at risk of having his laugh come across like Gore’s sighs. He should knock it off!" - Ari Fleischer.

Ari is just trying to help. It would be a shame if Biden turned off a whole buncha voters and then Democrats lost. So you see his reasoning.

Silverfiddle said...

Crushed him?

Only if it were a smirking chimp contest.

Patricia said...

Righteous post Gene. How else do you debate someone who lies? Just laugh at his stupid ass. Whats crazy is those po-dunk rubes believe those lies.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh silverfiddle when oh when shall we stop Blaming Bush!