Friday, October 5, 2012

Cheat Sheet Romney "won" the 1st Debate, but jobs numbers don't Lie.

But, Republicans do always. And fervently.

Romney "won" the 1st debate by telling lies by the bushel and by running a rabidly racist campaign. And immediately the Hand-Wringing Began! As Liberals everywhere, perplexed by President Obama's performance went into a tizzy...

What went right for Romney? Well, besides his crib notes on the podium, Romney repeatedly went for the Medicare lie that President Obama is taking $700 Billion away from Seniors.

Mitt Romney also waxed on about Killing Big Bird while he made sure Big Oil Conglomerates knew their Federal Welfare was safe.

But, while Romney refused to be held down by facts or the truth his biggest revelation were the details of his secret budget and tax strategy. Romney admitted he doesn't have any financial strategy other than to raise taxes on the poor and middle class, cut Federal programs and benefits for average Americans and steal $5 Trillion from the US Taxpayer for his Rich Plutocratic friends.

Other than that Romney's vaunted zingers sounded like a 4th rate hack comedian recycling old stolen material. "You don't pick the winner and losers. You just pick the losers!" Chuckle Chuckle, Chuckle...

And then Romney made his dog whistle to the Racists: 
"Mr. President you are entitled to your own house, you are entitled to your own plane, you aren't entitled to your own facts."
3 entitled's in one sentence! You know who else feels they are entitled to hard-working white people's money! Coupling that with the fat odious toad John Sununu's repeating over and over that President Obama is a "lazy" ni... And Newt Gingrich, that fat southern slob who's been stealing tax-payer money as a 30 year DC bureaucrat claimed, 
“I’m assuming that there’s some rhythm to Barack Obama that the rest of us don’t understand. Whether he needs large amounts of rest, whether he needs to go play basketball for a while or watch ESPN..."
You understand the keys to Mitt Romney's Racist Campaign, beyond even Reagan's fantasy stories about meeting black teens who told him they hated the minimum wage and all the phantom Cadillac driving welfare queens and steak-eating young bucks he warned us about.

But, then during their celebration the Right-Wing anti-American assholes got bad news. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the September jobs data which showed Unemployment dropping to 7.8%

Conservatives immediately retreated to warm cozy confines of their Alternate Reality insinuating that President Obama, that strange mix of Total "Obamatuer" Incompetence and Marxist Machiavellian Saul Alinskian Super-Genius, had the numbers fixed.
Unbelievable jobs numbers. These Chicago guys will do anything... Can't debate so change numbers. Former GE CEO Jack Welch tweeted
Congressman Allen West picked up on Welch's tweet as did Faux News, Laura Ingraham, and other Toxic Conservative Commentators. As the Right-Wing noise machine immediately went into overdrive. As with everything, if the data does not conform to Conservative Beliefs, then the data must be discarded. Of course, when asked Jack Welch admitted he "didn't have any evidence", but so what! Conservatives don't need evidence, when their vague feelings of I wouldn't put it past that Obama! count for so much in the Court of the Right-Wing Blog-o-sphere...

But, as with the polls the BLS numbers don't lie. President Obama's efforts to overcome the Bush Recession, Republican sabotage and rabid conservative racism are resonating with the American people. He's pulling away and all the racist garbage and all the crazy tweets aren't going to be enough for Romney to steal the White House.


Silverfiddle said...

A statistically insignificant drop in a horribly and persistently high unemployment number, and the Obama hallelujah choir on the left is singing "Happy Days are Here Again!"

Obama voters display depressingly low standards.

Jerry Critter said...

And if it had gone up by the same amount, republicans would be singing. They don't care about the American worker. They cheer when workers are out of work?

Anonymous said...

I am a Republican and I am very happy to see that unemployment has dropped - it is good for our country.

I still think Obama has done an absolutely pathetic job leading this recovery, and really hope that Romney wins next month.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Subtext of Silverfiddle's comment: Waaaah! Waaaah! The Liberal Mainstream Media isn't running with our BLS Conspiracy Theory! Waaaaah!

Of course, the liberals they cite or Kudlow and Cramer who are po'ed Faux News is trying to undermine the economy.

The economy, despite the Republicans worst efforts, is improving and the jobs numbers show it.

By way of comparrison Ronald Reagan had higher and worse unemployment numbers during his 1st Term.

And Ronnie cut and run from islamic terrorists...

It's Halftime in America.

And while Silverfiddle seems to think Obama voters have low standards, low is light years beyond the no standards conservatives have, as they will vote for the chicken hawk, smug, arrogant, vulture capitalist Rmoney, who is an empty etch-a-sketch with no core and no standards and who will say anything to steal the White House...

toma said...

456,000 people going back to work is 'statistically insignificant'? It's all just a game, I suppose. And you wonder why we think you're a cynical knee jerk.