Friday, October 19, 2012

Women Binder Romney and Dishwasher Ryan to star in remake of Say Anything

The Romney-Ryan plan is to screw America and give the money to the Rich. They are, of course, supported in this endeavor by Rich and by the Faux News and Conservative shills who engage in the Great Con Game in which Right-Wing bullshit can never, ever, ever be called lies.

Mitt Romney's wistful recollection of the Binders Full of Women became an instant Internet Meme. But, more important than the Nobody puts Baby in a Binder and I can't squeeze my women into a Trapper Keeper jokes is the fact the whole story was a Lie.

Mika Brzezinski pointed out the story was false on Morning Joe ,
"How is that not a lie?” Can we go there, Halperin? When you say you ‘sought out’ and then it turns that they were brought to you, that’s not the truth. Correct?"
Mark Halperin wasn't having any of it, 
“I just don’t think that’s what this campaign should be about.”
The Truth can be so inconveinent, especially when the Con Man is on the Grift! Mika Brzezinski wouldn't let the issue drop, 
“What? Us calling out facts? It shouldn’t be about that? I’ll totally disagree, it appears, with everybody at this table. It is insulting. At the debate the other night, Mitt Romney talks about how there weren’t enough women and so he sought them out and then ‘binders of women’ were brought to him, which is a whole funny thing, but that’s not true. That was a prepared story. He was prepared to be asked about women and told that story…" 
But, Mark Halperin fullfied his role as Shill in the Great Republican Swindle, 
"I just don't think that parsing individual statment said live during a debate is appropriate."
After his mauling by Vice President Biden, Paul 90X Ryan and his family staged a photo-opportunity of them helping out in a Youngstown, Ohio homeles shelter kitchen to show his compassion.

As conflicting accounts emerged, Brian Antal, president of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society, has become the focus of incredible anger as Conservatives have engaged in a campaign of criminal harassment via thousands of phone calls and vicious Facebook posts. Additionally, the shelter is facing an exdous of donors.

Antal orginally stated Ryan "did nothing" but now claims Ryan "did wash several dirty dishes". Conservatives found their j'accuse! moment when they learned Antal has voted in Democratic Primaries!

Looking at the photos you can see Ryan sporting a spotless white apron, eventhough he's supposedly cleaning large dirty stainless pots using a high powered professional spray. Really, the only thing Ryan tried to burnish in this photo-op is his political image.

Now, eventhough I don't like Ryan, I don't think he's stupid enough to just run water over clean pots but, the forced nature of Ryan trying to appear to care about Homeless or Poor people is what is readily evident. To Romney and Ryan the only thing "The Poor" are good for is to be used as club to attack President Obama.

But, in order to get elected Romney and Ryan will Say Anything. It's what they say and do when they think they are amongst friends and the cameras not on that matters.

So, when Mitt Romney says "I know what it takes..." and "I have a plan..." You should believe him. He made them clear in his 47% Speech. 

Romney does have a plan to shift the Tax Burden onto the Middle Class in a final effort to grind us from existence so that his Plutocratic Allies reign over this Nation and it's people in a Neo-Feudalist State.

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