Monday, October 15, 2012

Romney and Republican Ghouls use Dead Americans to gain Political Office

9/11 will haunt this Nation for Generations because the Right-Wing Ghouls see corpses, especially of Americans, as valuable building blocks for their political gain.

It's a lesson Liberals didn't want to believe in the aftermath of the devastating attack on New York and DC and the brave sacrifice in Pennsylvania.

Republicans are grave robbers who use the dead to advance their agenda of Oppression and Slavery.

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Darryl Issa, Lindsey Graham, Rob Portman and every disgusting grave robber with an R after his name has coated themselves in the blood of Ambassador Chris Stevens and are waving their bloody hands in front of every TV camera possible.

For Mitt Romney this is nothing new. Romney pranced and paraded around exploiting other mens' valor, sacrifice and deaths when he protested in favor of Vietnam War Draft. A draft which he himself would never be subjected to with his decision to flee to France.

Even the intercestion of Ambassador Stevens' father, begging Right-Wing Ghouls to leave his son's memory alone and not to politicize his murder have failed, “It would really be abhorrent to make this into a campaign issue. It has to be objectively examined. That’s where it belongs. It does not belong in the campaign arena," Jan Stevens stated. 

Sadly, for Mr. Stevens, once Right-Wing Ghouls have latched onto the dead they will not let go until they drain every drop of blood to build their power. As always it's a selective Faux Outrage by Republican Shills and Conservative Dupes.

"My position is that it’s regrettable that any Americans died. It is regrettable that they had to die, but I believe they did have to die." - Chicken Hawk Frank Gaffney, who now writes for Andrew Deadbart's website of lies and fabrications and is an Senior Advisor for Mitt Romney. 

Yet, there goes Darryl Issa invoking George W(orst President Ever) Bush and declaring the Benghazi Terrorist Attack is Obama's "Mission Accomplished" moment. Yet, I don't recall Career Politican Multi-Millionaire Issa or any single Republican or Conservative making a peep when George W. Bush blustered, "Bring'em on!" Or when Dick Cheney declared the thousands of dead and tens of thousands of wounded Americans would be treated as Liberators in Iraq.

Republicans didn't make a sound when Donald Rumsfeld declared, "You go to war with the army you have" when questioned by Soldiers dying in Iraq due to lack of up-armored vehicles, despite the Trillions of Dollars funneled to the Military-Industrial-Complex. 

Of course, Republicans didn't say anything about Bush's Massive Failures, they would never undercut a fellow Right-Wing Con artist when they're engaged in the Giant Swindle.

Because to Mitt Romney and the Republicans a majority of the world is populated by disposable people, whose existence and deaths only matter as much as it advances their Political Agenda of Subjugation.


Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, President Obumbles's serial incompetence gets people killed and we should just look the other way.

Grung_e_Gene said...

It's always instructive to have a Right-Wing Ghoul emerge from his pit to explain responsibility.

Such as when right-wing hero Richard Poplawski was forced to murder 3 Pittsburgh Police Officers because "Obama's gun ban was coming".

Or Mike Huckabee taking no responsibility for releasing a convicted felon who went on to murder 4 Seattle Police Officers. Wasn't Huckabee's fault that Felon had come to jesus!

Conservatives are abusive criminals who readily blame their victims.

Thus when Republicans screw up and cut the funding for security for the State Department Right-Wing Ghouls are forced to blame President Obama.

Conservativism is Terrorism.

Silverfiddle said...

There was not cut, Gene.

Go here:

Notice that the State Department sustained no cuts.

There have been no budget cuts, because Hairy Reed and Dick Turban have not passed a budget in four years. The government is on continuing resolutions with automatic increases each year.

Pull your head out of your msnbc and put down the hopium bong and you may learn something

Silverfiddle said...

Let me help you some more, since it's obvious you only ingest leftwing propaganda...

"In testimony Wednesday before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Charlene Lamb, a deputy assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, was asked, “Was there any budget consideration and lack of budget which led you not to increase the number of people in the security force there?”

Lamb responded, “No, sir.”

Grung_e_Gene said...

As usual Silverfiddle, you are wrong
GOP cuts to embassy security draw scrutiny, jabs from Democrats

Democrats enacted $1.803 billion for embassy security, construction and maintenance for fiscal 2010, when they still controlled the Senate and House. After Republicans took control of the House and picked up six Senate seats, Congress reduced the enacted budget to $1.616 billion in fiscal 2011, and to $1.537 billion for 2012.

Silverfiddle said...

You are so naive. You didn't even look at the OMB numbers, did you?

The State Department budget increased.

If, as you say, congress cut 5% from Security, construction and maintenance, the the Democrat senate had to approve that cut, thereby making the cut a bipartisan one.

Finally, if the cut did indeed happen, the sworn testimony I cited above says the cuts had no impact on what happened in Libya.

So we're back to Obama's failed leadership.

If he gets credit for killing UBL, he gets the blame for the deaths in Berghazi (first death of a US ambassador since Jimmy Carter, what a coincidence).

Grung_e_Gene said...

Hey you know what's interesting is in your rush to connect 1979 to 2012 you sure rapidly skip past 1983 and 2001 don't you?

But, then the Beirut Bombings in April and October under Reagan weren't his fault were they he was just a doddering old fool being used by nefarious other people in government and the 9/11 attacks well can't blame Bush for that because we can't blame Bush for anything!

Amazing, the despicable lengths you conservative terrorists will go to undercut the nation. But, when you want a people enslaved you choose half the population (right-wingers) to aid you in the enslavement.

Enjoy being a Collaborator and Guardian for the Rich, I'm sure you'll enjoy putting liberals to death the same way you celebrated your christianity putting Iraqis to death!

Silverfiddle said...

I didn't skip over anything, Gene.

The last murder of an ambassador occurred during Carter's disastrous presidency.

"conservative terrorists"

It is hilarious watching you hooting loonies on the left coming completely unhinged. I hope the Romney lead keeps widening, we need the entertainment.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Silverfiddle, of course you skip over Reagan and W.

Every right-wing ghoul puts out these ridiculous this is the first time such and such lies so that they can skip over the massive failures of Republicans.

It's brilliant politically but you're only playing to your insular alternate conservative reality brethern.