Sunday, September 21, 2008

If Sarah Palin has Nothing to Hide Why the Furor over her hacked Emails?

I have reasonable suspicion there is something criminal or at least untoward in Sarah Palin's emails. If Sarah has nothing to hide why not make your emails public? Huh? Prove you aren't a criminal. And if Sarah proves she's not a criminal by showing all her emails, letters, bank statements, then I'll apologize for my reasonable suspicions.

The Abu Gharib fall "guy", former US Army Brigadier General Janis L. Karpinski wrote a piece which sums up Sarah Palin the potential criminal nicely.
There is something almost sinister in Palin's attempts to seduce the voting public. She has a "come hither" look all of the time, and dares anyone, men or women, but especially men, to approach her or challenge her....

She uses her sexuality, and men's vulnerability, to intimidate them and expose their weaknesses...

She encourages men and women to be drawn first to the sexuality and beauty of a woman before making a decision about her credibility, intelligence and leadership.


The Sniper said...

Would you like it if someone hacked your e-mail?

It's a simple matter of privacy. The same people that rage against the Patriot Act seem to be the same ones who consider it "fine and dandy" if somebody else's privacy is invaded.

cathcatz said...

she should be conducting government business on her government email account, not on her personal yahoo account.

sucks when they get caught by their own traps, huh?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Of course not sir. I don't endorse the invasion of her privacy. Even if she used her personal email for public work. The people who did hack her email should be prosecuted for Identity Theft and other applicable laws. Of course, the state needs to prove their guilt, which should be easy based on the actual evidence they themselves provided.

I am completely against the TIA and the Patriot Act. But, hasn’t the fear often voiced about the Patriot Act been you are guilty until proven innocent? And demanding someone prove their innocence is a component of a Government not run by the Rule of Law.

It is difficult if nigh impossible to convey tone in written words.

Sniper, Thanks for stopping by, I enjoy your blog.