Monday, September 15, 2008

There is Nothing Wrong with the Economy

Because the people who rig the system, control the sources of revenue and the creation of false paper money will never suffer, but those lesser Americans who can’t afford multiple multi-million dollar homes can rest assured they will receive no assistance, no bailouts. The can sleep in their heavily leveraged soon to be foreclosed home, worrying about the security of their job while paying higher and higher record amounts for gasoline and heating oil, higher prices for lesser medical coverage, rising food costs and listening to the more equal Americans tell them they are “whiners”.

Sean Hannity was pout-raged when Robert Kuttner talked about the shambles that is US Economy. The Hannity diatribe against Kuttner included "This is garbage you're spewing" and "This is a Pro-Obama Book!" and "You gotta convince the American people the economy is in bad shape and it's all based on a lie, it's not true."

Hannity is a repugnant person. For him and the fellow fox minions of Rupert Murdoch, the economy is strong. Well, Maybe... Because just four days after Hannity’s sermon, even the Stock Market took the lambasting of Black Monday 3, as Lehman Brothers filled the biggest bankruptcy in history and Merrill Lynch was hastiy sold to Bank of America, however, American International Group Inc. is going to be bailed out.

But this is a continuation of the US Government’s policy of Privatizing Profits and Socializing Losses. The US system is the most evolved system of control ever developed.

Update (09/18):
The Handlers of the economy finally thrust Bush out to talk about the collapsing system. They'd have been happier to let him sit unobtrusively for the remainder of his Ceremonial control of the Nation until their next two pawns were ensconced safely into office. In response to the Socialism for the Rampant Speculators and the cut-throat "Free Market" for the drowning individuals Bush said, "These actions are necessary and important, and the markets are adjusting to them."

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