Saturday, September 6, 2008

How is the US not Socialist?

So, the US Government is going to take control of the two investment firms Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Coupled with the bailout of Bear Sterns and the little mentioned bailouts for Carlyle Capital a subsiderary of the infamous Carlyle Group. I need someone to please tell me how the assertion the US is a Capitalist Free Market Economy is a true one.

What we have is a lousy kleptocracy were members of the government collude with industry and work hand in hand in order to ensure Socialism for them and cut-throat Capitalism for the rest of the plebeians, Profits are Privatised and Losses are Socialized.

And of course, since the Government has declared the Use of Force is axiomatic to their existence you are damned if you try to resist. Or if you try to work through the system, you will get nowhere, because you are playing right into their hand the rules are stacked against you. Snake Eyes, the House wins. But, the people are deluded by their controllers in government who divert their attention to non-issues.


Nixon said...

It's crony capitalism at its worst, no wonder big wig corporations spend so much time and effort on lobbying our government. Might as well put up a big "For Sale" sign outside the Capitol building or have a yard sale promising wads of cash from the taxpayers.

BTW, I don't like Obama much, but I love the D&D crowd button on your sidebar. I totally empathize!

13 Stoploss said...

I've been thinking about this same idea for several months, though I lack the financial and political knowledge and word'isms to say specifically what you did.