Sunday, March 19, 2023

Wisconsin may have Spotted Cow but Illinois has the Weed

Not made with Cannabis
And Wisconsinites love it!

Wisconsin residents purchased more than $121 million worth of marijuana from legal retailers in neighboring Illinois in 2022, contributing about $36 million in tax revenue to the state, according to a legislative analysis requested by a top Wisconsin senator.

Ha-ha-ha!  For years, Wisconsin has benefited from Illinois residents driving up for the fishing and spending long summers and large amounts of dollars in the State.

Wisconsin residents, however, have a love/hate or perhaps a hate/hate relationship with Illinois people including the nicknames "FISHTAB" (A Fucking Illinois Shit Head Towing a Boat) and "FIBs" (Fucking Illinois Bastards) and Wisconsin State Patrol is famous for always ticketing drivers from Illinois and infamously in the 1980's Chicago-land high schoolers used to drink in Wisconsin and drive drunk to get back home to the Chicago suburbs.  Drunk driving suburbanites became so bad, it lead to the creation of MADD and the passage of The 1984 National Minimum Drinking Age Act, [23 U.S.C. § 158], changing the drinking age to 21 across the USA.

My favorite Cannabis shop is Sunnyside on the US 39/90 corridor right on the border.  I've passed it many a time and it always makes me smirk as it's prominent display right across the border and right next to the highway is some primo trolling.  The weed flight has gotten so bad I understand Governor Tony Evers is pushing for medical marijuana to be fast tracked as Wisconsin considers legalization.

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Nan said...

FIBs? No. They're FIPs and loathed in the U.P., too.