Saturday, March 18, 2023

Major Traitor Greene declares War on Mexico

"Chief Ortiz are you aware that there was an explosive device found by border patrol agents on January 17th in an area called No Man's Land..." Major Traitor Greene breathlessly claims an IED was found by Border Patrol Agents, however, like her brain, it was nothing more than a baseball sized ball of sand...

When informed the information at this point was "confidential" Greene continued on with her lies, "I understand Chief Ortiz but I'm not going to be confidential... And as a matter fact, I've cosponsored legislation to declare war on the cartels because they are definitely declaring war on us."   

Watch out world, American Republicans are at it again. Telling lies to start a war.  Besides blaming President Biden for everyone of their failures and Traitor Trump's deregulation fails with Train derailments and Silicon Valley Bank collapse, Republicans in the US House have decided its time for a new war.  Target: Mexico

Now I'm guessing Greene's Warmongering with Mexico is based on the Sicaro Movies.  If you remember Trump and his administration used the plot line of prayer rugs found by Border Patrol in their arguments to BULID THE WALL.

It's possible Greene also remembers the US declaring the Drug Cartels "A Clear and Present Danger" in the Jack Ryan Tom Clancy universe.

Of course, there is no chance Major Traitor Greene knows anything about Black Jack Pershing or Pancho Villa.

So... what's next?  Clearly, we are in the Era of Unleashed Republican Agitprop.  Republicans everywhere all at once have decided to propagate lies, falsehoods, and all manner of rumors because as Steve Bannon observed you flood the zone with shit until the American people can no longer tell right from wrong, truth from lies, or fascism from freedom. Republicans can then swoop in with their Campaign of Vileness to remake America into a NeoConfederate Nation built on bigotry, bondage, and perpetual wage slavery

"I will never leave that woman.
I will always take care of her."
This and Greene herself would be nothing more than a grotesque joke if it wasn't the fact that she's banging Squeaker Kevin McCarthy and using her sexual wiles (such as they are) to gain influence and position.  And Greene is not alone in pushing for warfare with Mexico, Dan Crenshaw is the co-sponsor for Greene's let's party like it's 1848 and a bevy of other Republicans are agitating for an Invasion.

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