Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Shall Not Be Infringed 6: Equality at last! Gunman who blew away 6 humans in a Christian school in Tennessee was a Woman!

This is so Absurd.

America is so broken that mass shootings need to have a dramatic twist or turn in order to receive any kind of extended coverage.  In this latest mass shooting, three 9 year olds, as well a substitute teacher, a long term custodian, and the head of the school were shot to pieces at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.

But, in the shocking twist the shooter is Transgender! Dun-dun-duuuuuun! So this will be an easy dismissal by the rightwing gun pyschos who continue to hold America hostage to an idea that More Guns is the Answer.  It isn't.  More Guns leads to More Gun Violence.  Period.  It's the Guns.

But, in a darkly humorous turn on the Transgender issue. Audrey Hale was born female and was transitioning to male before deciding to become a murderer.  Rightwingers anti-Trans effort doesn't focus on female-to-male transition but, the more frightening man pretending to be a women to sneak into girls bathrooms lie.  Hale apparently left a manifesto.  And Hale called a friend right before their damage.  Audrey Hale went to that School.  Were they molested?  Were they subjected to gay conversion therapy?  Was this their revenge?  

Oh no it's not guns!  It's mental health!  Oh and anyway Gun Control doesn't work!  We need armed Veterans roaming the halls!  Children need bulletproof backpacks.  We need a single entry/exit point to keep gunmen gunpersons out of the school.

But, so many others have pointed out the absolute absurdity of the American Gun Epidemic.  This isn't freedom, the idea that in order to be free, schools need to have one hardened entry point, have roaming guards armed with rifles wandering the halls, that every parent needs a sidearm in their Moron Labe gigantic SUVs to pick up little Connor or Madison.

Like all things conservatives propound, 'Liberty & Freedom' when spoken of by a right-winger is the antithesis of the concepts.  But, gun nuts and Republicans don't give a shit.  "We're not going to fix it," - Tennessee Republican Tim Burchett.







The reflexive defense of guns and rampant gun proliferation gives power and money to the NRA and the Republican Party.  No matter what they will not go against the spread of guns and ever increasing gun deaths and injuries every year.  9 year olds just need to be sacrificed, from time to time, on the Holey Altar of the 2nd Amendment.

But, at this point Republicans don't even have to try and come up with reasons and rationales for the continued mass proliferations of guns across the Nation.  They simply have to repeat their well-worn slogans and lies;  Hitler took Jews guns!  Chicago! Chicago! Chicago!  Scotus Rulings! AR-15 Lapel Pins! And US House Legislation to declare the AR-15 the Official Gun of America.

In an absolute despicable turn I could see Rightwingers and Republicans passing legislation to make it illegal for the LGBTQ community to own firearms under the auspices of declaring Trans a mental health condition.  Remember that just 3 weeks ago, Tennessee moved at Warp Speed to ban Drag to save and protect the Children!  There is no situation in America which Republicans can not use to make the material lives of Americans worse.  And that is the goal of the Republican Party; to destroy and impoverish the American people.

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