Sunday, February 19, 2023

Shall Not Be Infringed 3: Dude Process and the Absolute Right of Men to execute Women with Guns

"You talked about one of the advantages of the Sexual Revolution was the transformation of the idea that rape was a property crime into a crime against the women herself, and I would say, 'Look I have plenty of sympathy for that perspective', I think it's fundamentally true but... but... I'm going to push back all this is very complicated," Jordan Peterson argues that rape is only really a crime when men's rights (i.e. rights of ownership over the woman's body) are considered transgressed by the criminal act. 
A man.  An aggrieved man.  He grabs his guns and blam 6 people are dead.

Richard Dale Crum in Arkabutla, Mississippi didn't take to kindly to another man trying to exert property rights over his ex-wife.  So Crum shot his ex-wife after pistol whipping her new man.  Then he killed a dude sitting in a truck at a convenience store, then he went to his ex-wife's families house and shot and killed them, then he killed two other people behind his home.  Then he went inside his house, relaxed and waited to be arrested.  And in this land of the Shall Not Be Infringed Crum was dutifully arrested by the Police because he will have his day in court and be afforded his DUDE PROCESS Rights

Tate Reeves said something or other about this shooting but, Reeves has little interest in Gun regulation and more in ensuring Women are reverted to Property status and hiding his involvement with Brett Favre in securing stealing millions of dollars of funds set aside for needy families to build his Favre's volleyball stadium.  Tate Reeves was Lt. Gov as Favre and Mississippi Republicans launched their scheme to steal a hundred million in TANF funds. 

In Mississippi, a woman has very few rights a Republican needs to recognize and none an aggrieved man needs respect.

So, Crum did what every white male gun owner in America wants to do.  Kill those who've trespassed against him and living to enjoy the fame and notoriety as another Second Amendment Hero. 

Additional Terrorism:
Meanwhile, while reading up on this incident a domestic violence mass shooting occurred in the Houston suburb of Galena Park.  The murderous gunman was chilling at the home his current girlfriend, apparently with her 4 teenage daughters and decided fuck this; that bitch is getting hit on by other men and she's my property so I'm going to take my gun and exercise my absolute right to murder 3 teenage girls, rape the 4th, and then shoot myself.  An aggrieved man exercised his "god" given and SCOTUS defended right to murder women.

Guns are an absolute blight but, they are an absolute necessity in Republican politics because having a large stable of unstable men ready to pick up guns and murder women, Trans persons, liberals, teachers, Democrats, elected officials is a core principle and foundational plank of the Republican Party. 

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