Thursday, February 9, 2023

Conservative Free Speech is an inversion of the concept

"Later comes the arrest part... Mr. Chairman I'd like to spend 5 hours with these ladies and gentlemen..." Representative Clay Higgins threatens former Twitter employees with arrest for things.

As they did with Religious Liberty, Rightwingers & Republicans have turned the concept, implementation, and very idea of Free Speech into its opposite.

Fart Huffer Twins

We are witnessing the spectacle of Elected Representatives i.e. so-called Lawmakers purposefully misrepresenting laws, legal theory, and the Constitution because it suits their current propaganda efforts.  We are also seeing what decades of absorbing and regurgitating lies and huffing their own farts has done to the brains of conservatives, i.e. turn them into MAGA mush.

The hearing is the culmination of Republicans listening to the bullshit from Charlie Kirk and Dan Bongino and claiming Twitter shadowbanned them and by not mindlessly repeating rightwing lies about the Hunter Biden Laptop cost President Trump the election.

What Republicans realized long ago was the specter of a trial, the allegation of High Crimes, the appearance of impropriety, when stressed with enough Strum und Drang, and accompanied by enough histrionics will reach the Normies who don't pay close attention to politics and often force the regular Corporate Media to help advance the rightwing agitprop by declaring, since Faux News is talking about it we too must also cover it.

Where's the Dick?
Just too be clear, most Republicans spent a large portion of their time in this investigation talking about Hunter Biden's dick.

But, what was especially galling are the revelations that certain accounts, like Libs of TikTok received preferential treatment and protections due to their large reach and influence.  And that's even after multiple violations and direct incitement to violence, but because Chaya Raichik was followed by millions and cited by influential conservatives her account wasn't banned.
And of course, Donald Trump as President demanded Twitter remove Chrissy Teigan tweet calling him a "pussy ass bitch" because Trump is a coward and bully and never picks fights with those who can fight back or have the influence to fight him.

So, this spectacle is just the first of many to come from Republican led House, because Republicans have nothing to offer the American people, no plans, no concepts, no policies, no ideas... nothing.  Just endless outrage.  Endless grievances.  Endless crying.  Endless lying about their 1st Amendment Rights.

Because Republicans know eventually you'll get worn down.  Eventually, you'll throw your hands up and say Fine you win just stop complaining.  And that's when Republicans enact their Agenda; stealing Social Security, Eliminating freedom of movement for women, required reporting by girls of their menstrual cycle, and the recreation of a legally enacted Unequal system of Justice.

A white supermajority of the Mississippi House voted after an intense, four-plus hour debate to create a separate court system and an expanded police force within the city of Jackson — the Blackest city in America — that would be appointed completely by white state officials.

Mississippi’s Legislature is thoroughly controlled by white Republicans, who have redrawn districts over the past 30 years to ensure they can pass any bill without a single Democratic vote. Every legislative Republican is white, and most Democrats are Black.

The appointments by state officials would occur in lieu of judges and prosecutors being elected by the local residents of Jackson and Hinds County — as is the case in every other municipality and county in the state.

Of course, the white Republicans in Mississippi would do this during Black History Month.  Violence from Republicans isn't coming... it's here.  We can see it forms of bureaucratic violence, from the witch hunt trials to the legislative strangulation of certain people.  After a while this sort of legerdemain will not satiate the inherent bloodlust present in the heart and soul of every Rightwinger and Republicans are going to have to offer up more and more of these circuses right up until the time large bodies of conservatives take up arms and begin killing. 


Conservative Free Speech theories are rapidly evolving into Pure Undistilled Fascism.  In which, conservatives not only have the god-given metaphysical right to say anything they want without repercussion but, you the reader, listener, political opponent must aid them in saying it, and every conceivable media platform must make themselves available without restriction, editorial, retort or complaint. 

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