Monday, February 6, 2023

Every Republican wants to steal Social Security

Even Flies know, 
this Guy's Full of Shit
Watch out, slick as shit Republicans have changed their rhetoric every so slightly, calling their plan to swindle Seniors and future Americans out of their Social Security by calling it Spending Reform.  Much of the Republican policy proposals consist entirely of repackaging shit that's become toxic and unfavorable with brand new name.  Hence, Entitlement Reform which polls poorly is now Spending Reform!  

But understand, when it comes to appealing to the American people Republicans don't believe their product needs to change just the way they present it.  And for years Republicans have wanted to eliminate everything which helps the American people because they want you poor, hungry, and desperate.  Ready and willing to accept any and all jobs and with no prospect of retirement.  Republicans want you to work from 18-65 and then die.  (If you really want to understand the rightwing lizard brain when it comes to how much Republicans hate people read the Heritage Link form 2019 about "reforming" Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Just Murderous.)

Will the Corporate Media have the stones to cover this honestly?  I don't think so, since the Corporate Media's job is to massage Republican perfidy into something that seems rational, normal, and acceptable.  Instead of accurately portraying Republican proposal the Corporate Media ties itself into rhetorical knots to make the plain outcome of Republican policies seem to be the opposite of what Republicans earnestly propose.

Republicans have insisted for years that they will eliminate Abortion Nationwide if given the chance.  The Republican Supremacist Court furthered that plan by aborting Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.  Up to and even after Sammy di Puzzi Alito and Ginni Thomas leaked the opinion the Corporate Media was gainsaying and poo-pooing anyone who pointed out the Republicans always argue in bad faith and are disingenuous with everything they say.  But, the Corporate Media always ignores Republican actions and insists on catapulting the Republican propaganda.  So, Republicans march forward to eliminate Women's reproductive freedom and rights.

Now that Abortion is tantamount illegal in numerous Republican States, Republicans have dropped their bullshit claim that Abortion is a matter best left to States to begin their push to get rid of Abortion everywhere in the United States permanently.  Republicans can advance their nationwide ban with confidence knowing the Media will never cover it until it's a fait accompli and then well I'm certain some phony rightwing outrage over Gay Transgender M&M's or WOKE US Navy aircraft carrier designs will dominate the news cycle.

Human Simulacrum Mike Pence is trying to jump-start his 2024 Presidential ambitions by vowing to steal Social Security,
“I think the day could come when we could replace the New Deal with a better deal. Literally give younger Americans the ability to take a portion of their Social Security withholdings and put that into a private savings account.”
This is lame idea is literally the W(orst POTUS Ever) plan of circa 2004-05, and was fervently what Republicans wanted to have happen in order to stave off the Republican Recession of 2007. Bush et al knew that by stealing social security and funneling it into Wall Street the Republican economic policy which always leads to ruin would have been pushed off for a few more years and fallen square onto a Democratic President's shoulders instead of ruining the last two years off Bush's Evil tenure of murder and mayhem. Instead Republicans crashed the economy as they always do and couldn't convince enough people that it wasn't their fault in 2008.

Now, we are seeing the Republicans pushing forward with the Debt Ceiling brinksmanship in order to get President Joe Biden to agree to cuts to the Social Safety Net, the elimination of Social Security, and the abolishment of another plank of the Progressive Era of the 20th century.

But, Qevin McCarthy has a problem in that Trump already sabotaged the Republican plan to steal Social Security and Republicans can't agree on what GAY WOKE Military budget items they wish to eliminate.  So, the Republicans are left with coming up with cheap lies about work and nebulous spending cuts.

"People come up to me, they actually want to work longer." - Republican Representative Rick Allen of Georgia said in January. Allen was part of craven 2022 Republican coven which proposed raising the retirement age to 70. Because Republicans want you to work and then die. They don't want you to "retire". Retirement is saved for the 1% not the hoi polloi 

Giant Texas asshole Jodey Arrington appealed to the Great Bipartisan Holy Grail of Tip O'Neil and Ronnie Raygun agreeing to devastate Social Security (If you'll recall back in 1981 Ronnie told America Social Security was on the verge of bankruptcy) in 1983 Budget talks and hopes to once again put a steak knife through America.  The New Republican House is primed with Regressive Trolls who think they can win this fight because they've no problems destroying America.  In fact, that's what they want to do.

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