Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Republicans coopted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

While killing everything he believed. 

While Dr. King was alive, the FBI investigated, harassed and tried to kill him.   Conservatives called him communist, Marxist, "coon" back in the sixties.  Republicans fought him every step of the way and against everything he stood for when he was alive and when he was dead they've fought his memory.  Until the day came when enough of the people who vehemently opposed Dr. King and viscerally hatred him were gone and their children, ideological descendants, and shameless propagandists could hypocritically claim they always loved, honored, and cherished MLK Jr.

It was the smart move.  First, cynically honoring Dr. King provides cover for their agenda.  They say one thing and do the opposite.  Secondly, attempting to steal Dr. King legacy angers and annoys The Left broadly.  And conservatives sole policy is to #OwntheLibs.  Lastly, in order to defeat Dr. King conservatives realized physically killing him was not enough. They needed to murder his spirit, too.

Thus, having killed the Real Martin, Republicans set themselves up to take the mantle of Saint Martin and claim his every speech amounted to the one quote they take out of context to justify the rightwing agenda of oppression, intolerance and adulation of the Rich.

Today,  Dr. King would no doubt be arrested in Virginia for teaching the dreaded Critical Race Theory.  South Dakota would damn Dr. King as the Real Racist.  And Republicans would without irony damn Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and self-righteously declare they were judging him on the content of his character.  A Character they assassinated in life and in death.



W. Hackwhacker said...

King wanted a multi-racial democracy, literally the last thing in the world the white nationalist, authoritarian Republican Party would tolerate. That they continue to talk as if King would be on their side today ("judge by the content of character!", "he was a Republican!") is one of their most sickeningly hypocritical, cynical poses yet, even more than when they claim to be guardians of Medicare and Social Security. Bastards.

Grung_e_Gene said...

W. Hackwhacker,

Conservatives learned in 1865 that pitched fights on the battlefield did not serve them well due to their inherent cowardice; so they changed tactics to terrorism, infiltration of the government, and subversion of law&order. It's served them well as they sit astride the United States undoing everything they can and working feverishly to ensconce the White Evangelical Fascist Ethno-State. Co-opting Dr. King does wonders for them as they believe stealing his legacy provides them cover (from scrutiny and media coverage) to advance their plans of hatred and slavery