Sunday, January 23, 2022

All Republicans hate Jews in the United States. Yes All Republicans.

Major Traitor Greene and her Jewish Space Lasers
“I did the Heights, I did Jerusalem and I did Iran — the Iran deal was a disaster, right? And I also did many other things. Jewish people who live in the United States don’t love Israel enough. Does that make sense to you?” - Villianous Lying Asshole Republican Traitor Donald John Trump engages in a little Anti-Semitic role-play.

Casual and non-casual anti-semitism is a key component of Conservative thought.  For instance the standard claims about Soros funding everything right-wingers hate; from Democratic candidates, to left leaning shows like David Packman, to BLM and Antifa, it's part & parcel of the rightwing lexicon and a signaling device amongst conservatives to blame Soros.  From the looniest right-winger on twitter to Fucker Carlson'sWhite Power Faux show Soros can be invoked to convey the old anti-Semitic canard about Jewish funding.

Well, the dumb Sarah Palin clone Congresswoman Lauren Boebert did her best to imitate bigoted anti-Jewish Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene by insulting a group of Jewish people by asking if they were terrorists on reconnaissance.  And Lauren Boebert knows all about terrorist reconnaissance because she was providing real time information to the January 6th criminals about the locations of Democratic Representatives and Speaker of the House Pelosi.

Conservatives must get a Welcome to DC Packet upon attaining elected office which includes a How to guide about Jewish smears and slanders. 

In Illinois, the Illinois Holocaust Museum posted on Twitter about masking, vaccination and safety protocols to enter the building and were flooded with rightwing bigots.  In a fit of stunning irony, every "independent" "free-thinking" conservative descended upon the The Holocaust Museum Twitter page to declare the Illinois Holocaust Museum was just like the Nazis and snidely all repeating the same joke.  Conservatives have one joke and they tell it over and over again.  

Conservatives are the plague.  Conservative ideology has nothing to offer the American people.  Conservative belief amounts to naught but, bigotry, oppression and intolerance.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, Evangelical bigots decided to use the adoption laws to exclude Jewish people.  Tax-payer funded adoption agencies used a Republican law to ensure orphan children would not be placed Jews because Republicans don't give a shit about anything they claim to care about.  Instead, Republicans hate Jews. Yes all Republicans.

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