Friday, January 28, 2022

President Biden nominated Justice CRT

When President Obama was running for office, in 2008 I wondered if Racism or Sexism was the strongest trait of conservative thought.  And the answer, as shown in 2016 with HRC, was YES.

During his tenure, President Obama nominated for the Supreme Court, the eminently qualified Justice Sonia Sotomayor and the rightwing worms wriggled up from the muck to smear and slander her.  Conservative media exploded with each writer trying to outdo the others in publishing racist filth.

Now President Biden is fulfilling a promise for the retiring Justice Breyer's seat and the same mucky rightwingers are belching up the same bigoted slanders and recycling the same racist tropes about "Affirmative Action" and the odious Ilya Shapiro dares to call any and every possible appointment by Biden "a lesser black woman".  Good hire Georgetown Law...

Ilya Shapiro of Georgetown Law
Never saw a minority woman
He didn't denigrate 

As to the question of which deplorable trait is strongest in conservative circles, Racism or Sexism, well as the well-trod meme illustrates, Why not both?

Rightwing humor is
always sexist & racist

Because once the rightwing media begins to churn out the talking points and propaganda the conservative echo chamber greedily sucks it up, and regurgitates it with a singular Hive Mind.

So... Stop caring what Republicans and Corporate Media say about Biden's appointment.  Yes, of course, the traitorous Hawley's and slimy Shapiro's and the bigoted Andrew Sullivan's will scream and shout and the Very Serious People in DC Corporate Media will nod and agree.

But, We, the People should ignore it and proceed with the nomination.  Ignore it but, always remember. 

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