Friday, January 10, 2020

Iran It's an Imminent Threat

It's a put-on
An Imminent Threat?
It's a put-on, It's a put-on, It's a put-on

As always Trump and his maladministration is lying. The reason Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Trump himself, or any other fascist drone of this cabal say they can't reveal details of the imminent threat is because it didn't exist. And now they can't manufacture any real data or intel to substantiate the claim.

On Faux News, Pompeo did away with even the semblance of a cover-story, "There is no doubt there were a series of imminent attacks being plotted. We don’t know precisely when and we don't know precisely where. But it was real."

'We don't know when and where...'

But, it doesn't matter. The Magat Horde doesn't need any real Casus Belli. Trump's barnstorming' act is all they really want. So he decided to keep it simple, used his signature style of malaprop insults, and this reckless, unjustified strikeThe Anti-Benghazi!


The ground has been well plowed for Trump; 25 years of Faux News, 40 years of toxic rightwing talk radio, 60 years of Birtcher propaganda, and 150 years of revisionist rightwing history, so entire generations of conservatives have been born and died believing naught but lies and rightwing agitprop. Of course, they know Qasem Soleimani was about to blow up the Embassy in Iran or Iraq or Washington DC, whatever. And of course, they know Solemani directly killed hundreds of Marines and Soldiers and millions of people.

Of course, the Soleimani killing which also resulted in 9 other deaths, was just a Weapon of Mass Distraction, from the real battle Republicans wished to wage against their true enemy; the Democratic Party and the ostensible American Left. So after the drone strike, Republicans flooded every channel of the toxic rightwing propaganda machine with Democrats love the Terrorists, a time-honored slander conservatives have been flinging for years.

There's no coming back from the depths conservatives have reached. The entire Republican Party is a criminal conspiracy abetted by a Cult of fanatics who will never abandon their god-emperor.

Trump is slowly transitioning, as I always knew he would, from calling the Media and elected Democratic Congresspersons vicious, horrible and evil, to labelling anyone who votes against him in those terms. He's edged this way before, as when he tasked Police Unions to suss out which Officers voted against him. But, as the election nears, Traitor Tump is getting closer and closer to directly calling on his Cultists to round-up and concentrate his enemies into camps. And understand, conservatives and especially their paramilitary armies (the Oathkeepers and III Percenters) are oiling up their guns just waiting to execute Trump's Order for someone to rid him of these Non-#MAGA.


Anonymous said...

hopefully our police and swat destroy these militias the same way they destroyed Lavoy Finicum and arrest trump and send him to the hague.

Grung_e_Gene said...

A Non, the 3 Percenters, Oathbreakers, unconstitutional Sheriffs and other associated rightwing domestic terrorists believe is once Civil War 2.0 begins a sizable portion of the NG, military and Law Enforcement will join them.