Monday, January 27, 2020

"All is Well" except for some Malingering Soldiers

How many Real Soldiers were injured in the Iranian rocket attack on the Al-Asad base in Iraq?

Well if you listen to Trump and his lick spittle Tom Cotton, ZERO. Oh sure some guys have headaches but, no one was wounded.

After all nothing those men did warrants a Purple Heart. Trump was given a Purple Heart by a Veteran and he knew all along he deserved it for his phony bone spurs. These 11 or 34 soldiers have some headaches, take some "Vitamin I" and get back to duty before Trump charges you with an Article 115 Malingering.

It is of course well beyond the stage of "Imagine if Obama said that..." because there have been multiple instances of Trump pissing on Veterans and Active Duty military members and the Right doesn't care.  In truth Conservatives have never cared about Veterans. The military and active duty service members are nothing more than a Rhetorical Club for the Right to use to bash The Left.

The Niger Ambush in which a small detachment of Special Ops soldiers were sent into a hostile zone with no QRF, no air cover, no exit strategy, and no hope of rescue shows Conservatives don't care about those killed in hostile engagements unless Republicans can Benghazi the shit out of the incident. The Niger Ambush was a Republican failure from the top of Traitor Trump's comb-over to the bottom of Lindsey Graham's boot licking.

But, you can see how clearly Trump has captured every Republican when Tom Cotton, an erstwhile Veteran, completely debased himself to full-throatedly defend Trump's insulting comments about Soldiers "headaches".

Conservatives don't give a shit about Soldiers, never have, and never will.


W. Hackwhacker said...

Gene -- i was somewhat surprised to see the National Commander of the VFW call for Trump to apologize for his "misguided" remarks. Not that Trump would ever apologize for anything, of course.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Pentagon now says 50 service members suffered TBI from the attack. Trump's normal MO is to double down but, the Impeachment has kept him from doing what he wants to do. But, as the rightwing media does with this sort of thing they simply act like Trump never said it and like the VFW incident never happened.