Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Conservative reaction to Eric Garner is Ridiculous

"It's the laws we live by get over it." - Bernie Kerik on Faux News

Rightwingers only support the Rule of Law when that Rule is being used to oppress Minorities, Leftist Protests, and Unions. If the Rule of Law is being used to arrest or bring a conservative scofflaw to justice? Well, then it is the Rule of Law which must go for Conservatism is Never Wrong and Can Never be Wrong. Hallelujah!

The reaction from the Americans Right has been as ludicrous as it's been heartless. Everything and anything else is responsible for Eric Garner's death.

The odious Sean Hannity and Racist Limbaugh made the focus Cannabis, with Limpy proclaiming New York Cops just "walk by or drive by" when they see somebody "blowing a joint".

Recall that the with the murders of Trayvon Martin* and Mike Brown one of the key pieces of evidence, which was highlighted and repeated over and over and over by the Right-Winger Blogs and Big Media liars, was that each had smoked Marijuana.

Cannabis use has always been a Justification for killing Blacks.

Faux News paraded out all sorts ready to blame everything from Garner's weight or asthma to his refusal to submit. On that last point in Illinois Law a citizen has no right to resist arrest even if that arrest be unlawful. Of course, as the #CrimingWhileWhite hashtag has shown and as I can attest from working in Cook County I've seen "white" people get away with outrageous behavior, disrespect and active resistance and not even get an additional Resisting charge.

The protests against the miscarriage of justice has Zero Conservatives participating. Laura Ingraham summed up why conservatives are absent from protesting because "our people are working and have to support their families." She goes to claim protesting isn't the nature of conservatives.

The real reason is simple, conservatives support the killing of Black people by the Police.

Of course, Ingraham is correct that right-wingers don't "protest" instead they threaten violence, proclaim a Second American Revolution is needed, and walk around armed ready to express "Second Amendment Remedies".

Conservatism is Terrorism. And that is why Eric Garner is dead; because America is controlled by Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists who ensconce into law the reduction of voting rights for minorities, who use the courts and legal system to ensure the Working Classes are denied justice,who routinuely use the Police and Paramilitary Private Security Companies to threaten any who protest the rampant destruction of the Nation by Corporate Monsters.


Tom Harper said...

Laura Ingraham claims that "protesting isn't the nature of conservatives." Gee, I wonder who all thousands of demonstrators were, several years ago, taking part on those corporate-funded and -choreographed "demonstrations" against Obamacare.

And you're right, conservatives worship the Rule of Law when it's a law they agree with. If it's an anti-pollution law or anti-discrimination law, these same law and order types are all ready to break the law, defund it, file a lawsuit against it, whatever it takes.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Thanks for coming by Tom. The Faux News and Right-Wing response has been well coordinated and crafty.

They've had half their drones blame Eric Garner for being a "bad father" for not following the LEO orders while the other half blames the Liberal Government for the cigarette laws.

Thus absolving their belief system and followers of any responsibility and granting them the strength to follow on blaming Government and unarmed black people for their deaths at the hands of Police Officers.